Monday, May 19, 2008

Hazel Update

Well, I am not going home tomorrow as planned. Hazel started with a fever last night and after checking things out with the doctor this morning, blood tests and other lab work...the results are, not surprisingly, inconclusive. We are thinking that maybe this time it will be something ordinary like a cold~her nose is red and she has sneezed twice~or a tooth coming in as she has been drooling a lot the past few days. Hopefully it is not anything more serious but I can't leave until we know as I don't want to get home and then be hopping a plane back right away. So any and all prayers would be appreciated.

Love and thanks! B


Laura said...

Hazel will be in our prayers---hope they will find out the source of her fever! Much love, Laura

Deanna Munoz said...

That is so scary. You guys are all in our prayers. WE LOVE YOU!