Saturday, May 17, 2008

Provo Pool Party

Yesterday the big girls were invited to a pool party at their cousins, Connor, Aynslee, Zach & Owen. Before we went over Piper & Julia and I went out to lunch at the Trolley in Springville.

Such sweet sisters and best friends

This has become a tradition with the girls, they love this Gramma/Granddaughter date!

Julia wanted a root beer float and this is what they brought her. It never occurred to me that super sizing is the norm even for kids now. Ridiculous, but have you ever seen such exuberance and glee on a pretty little face?

Piper got Creme Soda and hers erupted like Mt. Vesuvius.

After lunch we went right over for the party! Grandma George had made cookies, filled the pool, gotten some water balloons, and even brought a parachute that the kids loved. Kim and her kids were also there and all of us had a lot of fun. It was over all too soon. Barbara is a retired kindergarten teacher and does it all with such ease and finesse. She was saying she wished she could decorate her house, I'd love having some of her kid skills! Isn't it great we can learn from each other?

The Gang of Little Rascals!

The parachute was a real giggle , squeal, and laugh producer!

Beautiful Ayns says this picture is for Grampa!

Maybe it is wishful thinking that summer is almost here but at least for yesterday even with snow in the distance it was a warm summery day!


Jen and the little girls had a nice little break at home taking it easy. Chloe would have been sad to miss the party had she known her best friend, Shelby was there. Whoops, sorry little one!

No problems, Gramma, I can always create my own shenanigans!


Jim said...

Great photos Love!! Even greater subjects...I wish I was where with you all.

mandy* said...

Mark and I LOVE the Trolley! That is our favorite restaurant in Provo/Springville!