Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Almost in full bloom!

It is funny how each morning when I wake up I have something on my mind that I want to be blogging about. Today it was changes.

I can remember that when I was a young girl growing up I use to think a lot about getting married. I would think about the wedding I wanted, the guy I would marry, etc...but little about what it would be like after the ceremony. In those days you just grew up and got married and little time was spent on the marriage details, perse. Life was simple, you married, had kids and lived happily ever after, right? I knew I wanted kids~and that was about as far forward as I could see. I would think about how many boys and girls I wanted and their potential names, etc.

I never realized how important a spouse is to your health, happiness and your very life. I don't think that in the child rearing years I gave any thought whatsoever, to what I would do when the kids left home and I had time to consider what I wanted to do or needed to do.

When you are in "kid mode" it just never seems like it will end....it does. That was the most unexpected change in my life I think. You never think your parents will die...they do. You think your favorite restaurant will always be there, familiar building will always exist, you'll be with your best friends forever, you will always be healthy......not necessarily so. You think you will be young and quick forever...ummm, no! Life is full of surprises. Some are not always so pleasant!

Even when you know these things happen to other people you always feel you are somewhat immune. We are in a constant state of motion ever moving towards the end of our mortal existence, even though as baby boomers we are trying to put the skids on that~time marches on for everyone. This is something even the boomers cannot alter in the total scheme of things. Altered body parts still get old even if they don't look old~all of us are going the way of all the earth~no exceptions.

Another huge surprise for me is that at our age, just a year and a month from possible retirement and we feel like high school kids not knowing what we want to be when we grow up. Suddenly when you wake up one day and see the reality that in just a few short months you will not be confined by the time constraints of daily work to earn your bread~the world is your oyster. Oysters can be scary. You have basically endless possibilities and what to do is the big question. In my wildest imagination I never dreamed our life in the future would be so undefined at our age.

~Here are a dozen things we know for sure~

1. We want to live by our kids and grandkids.
2. We want to serve a full-time mission for our church
3. We want to be able to travel and see the parts of the world we haven't.
4. We want to keep active and busy doing productive things.
5. We want to be healthy and strong.
6. We want to be of service to our family and others.
7. Working for what we want will always be a part of our lives.
8. We want to be independent until we die and not burden our family.
9.We want to grow in the Gospel of Jesus Christ all the days of our lives.
10. We want to fulfill our potential as marriage partners.
11. We hope to leave a legacy for our posterity that is all good!
12. We want to "live happily ever after" by making good choices always.

How these plans will pan out is part of the changing that concerns us now. It is an exciting time and a frightening time simultaneously. I guess the one thing that age gifts you with is the experience to know that the changes come, ready or not. We have been trying to be prepared for the ones coming up. We are trying to be intuned with the feelings and intentions of our hearts, and at the same time listening to the promptings of the spirit to guide us in the way we should go. We are consciously increasing our faith in God's plan for us. We are trying to plan 100 things we want to do in our retirement from the 'work a day life.' It is better to run out of life before you run out of plans ~ then the other way around.

It is never too soon to get the thoughts churning in that direction. Time has a way of stopping for no one. Each stage of life is wonderful, but it doesn't hurt to gaze ahead a little and be prepared. I wish someone had told me that and I had internalized it when I was younger. Someone is telling you that now! Run with it!


Miss Jen said...

This Hazel situation sure has taught us some of this. One day your life is 'normal' and the next it is upended in a way you never even considered. It is amazing how resilient the human spirit is though. Also how every moment of my life has crafted me into the person I was supposed to be for this job of being Hazel's mom.

Bonnie said...

I agree with you, Honey. I was just talking to someone today about this and how every child that is meant to be yours will come in some way. They come through you or to you but one way or the other you get them. Your life has led you right to where you have been destined to be. You are the best mom Hazel could hope for!I wouldn't be surprised if she requested you and Lowell! I couldn't love any of you more! Hang in there baby...I'll be seeing you soon...love the new plan!

Bonnie said...
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Jim said...
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Jim said...

Right'o to both comments.
To use the simile of 'The Trail': even when you know what and where the summit is, the path maybe...up/down, smooth/rough, clear/hidden, blocked/open and sometimes even washed out. They say in nature "nothing is lazy",because those things that are get eaten. Just watch 'Planet Earth' if you doubt. And in life, just like hiking you have two basic choices ...Stop and get eaten or keep moving forward one step at a time. The climb is what makes us strong I have to know that we have such capacity for survival. The lucky ones are those that know this strength to carry-on is in them and have the will to overcome doubt and fear. It is not easy. We all want to just sit down and have it all be better...have the trail flatten out...come on to a lake or stream...feel a cool breeze. But the easy trail won't get us to the summit and I'm beginning to believe that the hike may be worth what is at the top.

Laura said...

Learning to really enjoy and embrace now, instead of looking on ahead to far for "the good things" is a challenge for me---also I love new, fun experiences. Sometimes the "enduring to the end" of certain phases of life seem more difficult---I often am too excited for the next phase--instead of enjoying the phase I am in.