Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zachary James Is Four!

Happy 4th Birthday Zachary!

Zach is four today and is such a big boy! Kids do not come any more loving and affectionate that our big guy, Zach. I sure wish Grampa and I could be with him today for the celebration. His Daddy told me that one of their traditions is letting the birthday person pick the dinner for their special day and Zach chose Mac and Cheese!

I asked Daddy what he loves about the Zach the most and he said that he is so honest. Mommy said that he is just so sweet and loving.

Three Birthday Kids~Zach, Shelby & Chloe

Sunday they are inviting the Stewarts and the Houses over for yet another party! Each family has had a birthday recently with Shelby turning four also and then Chloe turned three. They have been having a lot of celebrations!

With Owens 1st birthday next week, it is Birthday Mania over there!

This year has seen some fun new things for Zach. Chris says he really likes to play with Junior Connects and I know he likes the movie, Cars and all the fun things that go with that. They had a new fence built this year so now the backyard is enclosed and safe and fun for playing outside. With their giant play room and the fun backyard Zach and Connor and Anyslee and all their friends can have a great time. Dad said he is very athletic and loves to run fast and jump high. He is our future Olympian!

Zach also has a new bedroom that he shares with Connor
that Mom and Dad and Grampa built and he has
his very own big boy bed!

Here is a picture of your Daddy, Zach,
when he was just a little older than you are now.

One of my favorite pictures of you with your Daddy, Zach.
To me it just shows how you are always happy
and that your Dad loves you so much!
Someday you will be all grown up
with a big boy of your own too!
It will happen way too soon for Mom & Dad!

Zach, we all love you so much and want
to wish you the Best Birthday ever, Buddy!


Miss Jen said...

Wow! That oldie of Chris sure does look a lot like Zach! Happy birthday little guy! We love you!