Sunday, June 1, 2008

Scattered Saturday

Yesterday we had two family events that we needed and wanted to attend. So we decided to divide and conquer. I went to Steve and Emily's for a sibling get together and Jim went to Foster City to celebrate the graduation from high school of his cousin, Nancy's twins. We both wanted to be in both places but we couldn't so we were glad there are two of us. By sharing our pictures we had the next best thing.

Jeremy & Jennifer~Off to College in the Fall!

These two kids are the sweetest kids you'd ever want to meet. They are the only two children of our cousins, Nancy and Joe. I think these parents can be very pleased in the job they have done in raising these great young people. It has been so much fun to watch them grow up over the past many years. We love them and wish them every success in all their pursuits!

The Buffet

Nancy and Joe had the party for about 100 people catered and Jim said it was really nice. There was enough for a small army and very delicious. Somehow we managed not to get a picture of Nancy and Joe. They were probably running around being great hosts! Nancy was a bridesmaid in our wedding~40 years ago on June 15th.

Kristen, Uncle Bob, Grandma Gloria

Kris, Debbie, Gloria, Tracey

A great time was had by all~Good luck and congratulations to Jer and Jen! Jer is going to school in Washington and Jen in San Diego! It must be hard to be separated from your twin. And the house is going to be very empty at Joe and Nancy's!


Jim said...

For those of you who read my Blog about the Rowing Crew in Florence, this is the Jeremy I thought of when I saw these Rowers. Well he and his sister Jennifer are off a College and leave Mom and Dad 'Home Alone'. The best of luck two all!!