Monday, June 16, 2008

Jim Mattson ~Unplugged!

Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa

For any of you that truly know Jim, you know that he is constantly in motion, constantly wired, constantly busy. Well after all these years I finally met the unplugged version of my husband this weekend. I loved it...nice, nice, nice! This is what our Hotel looked like....

Our room was just above where we are standing. The hotel is old and an historical landmark in Marin County. The rooms are all different and we got to pick which one we wanted. We picked this one. It was big and bright and sunny with a porch that was really neat.

The bed was really neat, and a little funky, old world style with steps up and the whole bit. One of our favorite parts was the skylight in the alcove where the bed was.

We set the laptop up in the desk area near the window. It was our first time traveling with the Internet. Kind of fun but we spent very little time using it, reading, watching movies or the other things we brought along for fun. We just preferred good old fashioned rest, relaxation, and sleep.

The room had a nice fireplace, TV, and their version of A/C! It also had a great bathing and dressing area. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable room.

One of our views from the room. You could see
the sailboats in the harbor in the distance.
It was a very relaxing afternoon.Jen and Lowell and the girls sent us this amazing gourmet basket filled with wonderful treats~this is just a portion of it, after all we did consume!
Thanks, guys!

The crowning point was the surprise spa appointments we had in the late afternoon. Jim had never had a massage before and he is hooked! He loved it. He was so relaxed he was like a was funny. I had one hour of reflexology and it was nothing short of heaven! Jim also enjoyed the sauna and steam room. I enjoyed the dark room, the quiet jazz, the soothing voice of the therapist and the lovely way they pampered us. It was amazing.

After the spa experience we went back to our room, rested and then got ready for a beautiful dinner at the Spinnaker. Here is a picture of this well known and loved restaurant on the Bay. You can imagine the views! The fish we ordered was excellent too! What a Fantastic Day!


Laura said...

What a fabulous weekend! SO romantic!