Thursday, June 26, 2008

Puzzle Pieces

Emily & Maureen

Today was another stretching day. Shortly after receiving the news that Hazel's condition had worsened over night, we had to leave to stage this house. I wanted to just flee to Utah but so many people were depending on this being completed today that it has to be done before I could leave. Fortunately for me, I got it all organized and planned yesterday, and Jim and I delivered everything to the property last night, so with the help of my trusty assistants things went pretty smoothly.

This house looks dramatically different than when I first saw it a few weeks ago at the consultation. The clients did a lot of work, removing some wallpaper and lots of painting, replacing the light fixture in their dining room, etc. It really updated the house which is a must for a good, quick, profitable sale. I hope this slide show isn't too annoying but I thought it was kind of fun with the puzzle pieces. Before that though I wanted to show you one of the bedrooms.

One of the challenges I like to work on now is using what I have in the warehouse rather than constantly having to buy new things for each house. On this rented daybed I realized that I needed to use a bedspread that was a queen size and so I sorted though my things and most of my bedding is fluffy and puffy but I did buy this red spread at Walmart a few years ago on sale for $21.00. I was thinking one day I will use this for staging. Today was the day. Then I added the red and white pillows from another set. Then I had to find some art work and and pillows for the bed. As I was looking at the set of pictures above I realized that one had a lot of green in it so while sorting through pillows I thought about trying to mix in some green pillows.

I wasn't too sure about it until I went outside and saw this!

Nature can be very inspiring. If God can use it and does use it~it works for me. Red and Green go so far beyond Christmas. Then we found this on the patio~perfect for the room and didn't cost us or the owner any extra money for a side chair in that room.

It turned out to be one of my favorite rooms in the house. I think the most dramatic change is in the family room but all the rooms underwent some drastic changing throughout the day. All in all, it was a good day and no news was good news from Utah. Hopefully the baby is resting comfortably tonight and the doctors have a plan for tomorrow... I am so thankful to be going there tomorrow to see her and help with the family. And I am glad all my houses are done for right now. Whew!


Julie said...

What can I do to help? I am here in Utah and want to help Jen and her family.

Bonnie said...

Julie, thank you, I wish I knew what I could do also. We just have to be faithful and patient and see what happens next. I will be there by mid afternoon today. I'll keep posting updates.

laura.elizabeth said...

Wow the house looks amazing. And to think that you did THAT under so much stress. You are so talented mom! I am glad the house is done and behind you and that you are able to be with Jen and Hazel. Keep us posted.

Miss Jen said...

Looks good guys! Thanks for helping my mom get it together so she can come out and help us!

Deanna Munoz said...

You inspire me so much! I hope someday I have your talent!! You did an AWESOME job!