Saturday, June 21, 2008


I am working on a house for Thursday so went to HomeGoods for a few things yesterday. Have I told you lately that I love that store? They always have the fun inexpensive things just perfect for staging and for your home as well. Often times it is one for the business, one for us! They have great art work, lamps, linens, furniture, accessories, name it and for prices that don't break the bank, like $39.00 for a beautiful table lamp or a nice sized piece of art.

Fun HomeGoods Display

I was looking for some art work for, shall we say, an "interesting" bathroom. It has 2 inch striped wallpaper with kind of a muted sunflower yellow and then a light tan. Not such a problem but with the cornflower blue patterned get the idea. Anyway, what I love about HomeGoods is that I can just about always find something that fits the bill. I got a double pack of medium sized prints for $19.99. The mats and frames are great and the pictures have just the colors I was trying to combine. Awesome! I love it when that happens!

It has been quite awhile since I had been there so I decided to just really check out everything in the store. Honestly 2 hours~flew by. I came around one corner though and just about dropped my teeth! HALLOWEEN decor. Yup, one whole aisle of it! Hello? What the ....., as Jen would say!

OK, today is June 21st the first official day of summer...why
are these people in retail trying to rush us through our lives?

Can we not enjoy a swim first and a piece of watermelon before we are thinking about turning the clocks back to standard time, dark, rainy nights and the little goblins again? Honestly, it is absurd! The dress shops are making way for the new fall lines too. What's up with that? I like to plan ahead but they make it all so crazy. Who wants to think about a fall and winter wardrobe now? Not me!

Bring on the Summer~
Fall Will Have to Wait!

These little people know how to have fun!

Love it!

Beach Time!

I did eat it all, Mommy!

Don't Forget the Sunblock!


Miss Jen said...

I love HomeGoods, we have it now you know! I am also strangely enjoying the summer. My flowers are beautiful and my tomatoes and pumpkins are coming up so healthy and big! I'm so excited. My kids have been nice and busy and we haven't had too many days of complaining or troubles. On the other hand part of why I love summer is that Fall is just around the corner. The anticipation of it is half the fun. I love me some Halloween decore! Maybe June is a bit early though but...I'm babbling. sorry

laura.elizabeth said...

I hear you Mom! I have a hard enough time living in the moment on my own. I really don't need any one or anything else reminding me what is just around the corner. I would take a nice big Home Goods here in Naples though, Halloween asile in June and all!