Sunday, June 8, 2008

Calling All Harry Potter Fans

For those of you that are J.K. Rowling fans you may enjoy the commencement address she gave at Harvard last week. I found it on a blog I have been reading about happiness and it is the most current posting as of today. Click here.

Rowling made some great points about how to be successful in your life. Jim and I both enjoyed reading it. I really love an author or speaker that hooks her audience in an unusual way. Obviously J.K. (we're on a first initial basis) is a master at this! All our older grandchildren love reading and they all have enjoyed Harry Potter quite a bit. In fact of the adults, I think Chris and I are the only ones who haven't read HP. I just received this photo from Missy~so he probably has read it after going to Platform 9 3/4 in London last month!

Chris Heading to Hogwarts!
And you thought it was a BYU Tour!

I guess I should put that on my to do list. I would read it just to be able to discuss it with the kids. I am not a big fan of fantasy though...there seems to be enough of that in real life to keep me occupied! Truth is stranger than fiction anyway!

Piper Potter


Gail Victoria said...

I enjoyed her speech and the article that went along with it. Thanks for sharing.

Miss Jen said...

Good to know! Thanks, I love that picture of PIper, it's a turning point kind of moment!