Friday, June 6, 2008

Family Dinners

"“It isn't so much what's on the table that matters,
as what's on the chairs."

--William S. Gilbert

Over the years of raising a family I think one of the most important things to bring unity to us was eating together every night. It seems like when I was growing up this was not "an option." Everyone I knew ate dinner together as a family. Of course there were nights when it just couldn't happen but for the most part it was always a priority in our home. We are so happy to see that this time tested tradition is now a part of the family lives of all of our children.

As our lives get busier and busier it just seems to be so important to have those few minutes together to feel grounded, to communicate, to pray together, and to share the events of the day. Although I have never been a major fan of cooking as a pleasurable hobby, I found it to be very satisfying to plan and prepare a nurturing meal for my family each day. We also tried to keep interruptions to a phone calls, no blaring TV going on, no newspaper reading, etc.

We still carry on this tradition after nearly 11 years as empty nesters and I think we always will. And I also agree with the aspect of the quote which implies it doesn't really matter so much what you are eating as who you are with. Although I enjoy making it a little fancy once in awhile, hot dogs and paper plates definitely have their place too. The important thing is doing it together.

This just always seemed like for the effort it took~it paid back in spades.
How has doing or not doing this affected your family?


Miss Jen said...

Well, thank heaven for W GIlbert because what is on the table at our house most of the time isn't worth mentioning but we do eat together. I wish I were more fancy with the table setting and whatnot but...I'm just not.

Bonnie said...

Jen you do a great job with our family dinners. You are a great cook and have a flare for what you do. You have your Dad's creative gift with food and being together each night is most important. The fancy stuff may happen later but that part is just a frill. You have all the essentials!

Julie said...

Growing up in a family of 8 kids life was busy. However dinner time is one of my favorite memories. Many times we were laughing so hard there were messes made. I didn't realize then how important and how much I looked forward to eating together.

Lanette said...

When everyone comes home my favorite time is when we gather around the table - it seems there's always laughs and fun.

I've noticed that some homes don't even have a dining room table - that is so sad - another sign that the family is in peril.