Monday, June 2, 2008

Laughing With Tears In My Eyes

As you know we were privileged to see the sculpture of David in Florence in April. I have thought of that sculpture often and how beautiful it is and how glorious and perfect the human body that God created is and how magnificently Michelangelo copied it. It almost had a sacred feeling attached to it when we viewed it.

Our friends sent us this altered David figure in an e-mail and I honestly didn't know how to react. It was funny and sad and all things rolled into one. What once seemed funny has become rather sobering! We Americans, (especially me) need to keep this in mind and start trying to restore the gift we have so graciously been given. Lanette assures me this is possible. OK, then I am feelin' the motivation!

This visual says so much and truly is one of those instances when a couple of pictures are worth a thousand words. Yikes! Enough viewed and said then!


Lanette said...

You can and you will!!! I love these pictures because the beautiful muscle is there - it's just covered. I'm excited for everyone to uncover their "David". Imagine chipping away little by little, day after day until....the most beautiful creation emerges - very exciting!

Jim said...

Great metaphor. So let's all commit to it where ever we are in the process.

Laura said...

OK, I was literally laughing out loud. So, my son Brandon heard me and came over and told me I shouldn't be looking at things like this since he is naked in the sculpture. I tried to explain it was art, but he didn't get it, and just kept telling me it was wrong to look at. How to explain to kids-----cracked me up.

Bonnie said...

Sorry, Laura I would had put a fig leaf if I knew how. No more R-rated photos for me!

Laura said...

No, no need to apologize, it was sooooo funny! Love it! (Also, if you check out my "blogging tip" link in my index, scroll down, and you will see pictures of the book I printed out. I still haven't done one for 2007, that was 2006. When I do 2006, I will probably do a bigger book, like 8 1/2 by 11 or so. Also, my husband printed it out quickly, so some pics were cut off and it was backwards, as a blog goes backwards in time. Through reviewing it before publishing, you can avoid those mistakes. If you need more info, let me know.

laura.elizabeth said...

I have mixed feelings about this one too. It is laughable is a very sad way.

One of the things that really impressed me when I saw the real David was how beautiful it was. I never thought I would think it was beautiful- but I did. I think Michelangelo really captured the beauty of the human body in this sculpture. I understand now why he thought creating the David was such a spiritual expereince.

I love Lanette's thought that there is a David within us all. And that our goal is simply to uncover what God has already given us.