Monday, June 23, 2008

Girl Power

This is a Multipurpose Posting.
A Baker's Dozen of Reasons
In No Particular Order!

Naked Toes

Bejeweled Toes

Fancy Schmancy Glitzy Toes!

Up Close and Personal Toe!
  1. To let you know I am still on my pumpkiny orange kick.
  2. To let Michelle and Julia know I had a pedicure today!
  3. To let them know it was not nearly as good as when they do it for me!
  4. To let you know that Jim bought me this fabulous pumpkiny ring for our anniversary!
  5. To confirm your suspicions that he spoiled me rotten this year.
  6. To let you know it is nearly impossible to take a picture with your ring on your finger~toes work better.
  7. To let you know this is the first time I have ever had rhinestones on my toenails.
  8. To let you know I can entertain myself all day long at home alone.
  9. To let Lanette know these feet walked this morning at 7:00 am.
  10. To let you know this is the first time I have ever photographed any naked parts.
  11. To let you know I love being a sparkley girly girl.
  12. To let you know I am more whacked out than you ever thought!
  13. To let you know I can place the burden of worrying about Hazel at the Savior's feet knowing He will provide exactly what is needed ~ and concentrate on something I can handle better~my own two silly feet.


Lanette said...

This could be my favorite post ever!! I love the nail polish color and how you "staged" it with your pillow and oranges in the background. Jim seriously needs to give a mini-class to all husbands!! The ring is fabulous! (I'm so happy about your happy walking feet!!)

Miss Jen said...

WooHooo! schmaancy! Julia was impressed and wanted to know immediately where you got the ring and the diamonds!

mandy* said...

I love this post! How fun!

laura.elizabeth said...

I am going to have to agree with Lanette that this might just be my favorite post EVER! The colors are fantastic, the jewels are amazing and your feet are so darn cute! You really should have been a foot model. Honestly where did my feet come from anyway? Yikes that is another story for another day. Anyway, I love you. Thanks for sharing!

Miss Jen said...

OH My Gosh! Lanette is right! You totally staged this photo! LOVE IT!

Bonnie said...

You are all so supportive and cute...I love you all. Happy Feet are the best.

Jim said...

You can all stop e-mailing me secretly now...I am getting mom some help! I will keep you posted!

Bonnie said...

Great, I'm getting a housekeeper~when does she start,Honey? And so close to my birthday~we'll just consider that my present, OK?

The Gatchell Crew said...

Oh Bon~ SUPER SUPER CUTE! I LOVE IT, I REALLY DO!!! Thank you for sharing your love for color choices & yes super cute the mind set of a professional stager! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

CA Poppy said...

Bonnie- I love the rhinestones at the cuticle thats brilliant! Pumpkin is perfect on you and the ring is stunning. Your a wise woman to keep your cup filled. Thankyou for your example. Know that I miss talking to you and working on your sweet feet.