Saturday, June 21, 2008

What Did You Learn Today?

Everyday I learn something new about blogging it seems. If you're on an old post and want to jump back to the top of your blog or the last post you did.... just double click on your header and "poof" you are right back. The same is true of other people's blogs so I can now I can give my scrolling finger a rest.

I bet you young ones are rolling your eyes now, right?

Senior Break, OK?


Miss Jen said...

Hey, there are plenty of people your age that don't know anything about computers. You are awesome!

laura.elizabeth said...

Could you learn how to post a song on the blog. I have several from my Music collection that I want to share and I can't figure our how to do it. Thanks- you are the blog goddess!

Bonnie said... has music tath interfaces with blogger but as of now you can't put your own on it. They are working on it. If you just want a playlist for your blog you can do that.