Monday, June 16, 2008

The Big Anniversary Surprise~ Saturday Afternoon

We love driving around San Francisco and as we were going through a particular neighborhood we saw this really funky Whole Foods grocery store~so we decided to go in and check out the lunch fare. It looked great so we got some things from the deli counter and took them outside to eat. It was a little nippy out but we enjoyed it anyway. We didn't really dress warm enough for this weekend but all worked out well. We should know that some people's coldest winters are summers in SF.

What is fun about driving around is its kind of like buzzing around a bee hive. Everywhere you look people are engaging in things of interest, leisure, work, and all aspects of daily living. The other thing of course is that it is so familiar and nostalgic for us.

One of the things we have always loved is photography and we have taken a renewed interest in it since the digital era has begun. It is just so much fun to take a photo and not have to wait two weeks to get it back and not having to pay for the prints is great too. It allows you to experiment and get the best shots and just delete the rest. Love it. Here are some of the city photos we took this time.

These bougainvilleas were one of those slam on the brakes,
drop dead gorgeous photo ops. These are one of my favorite
flowers always so vibrant and beautiful!

This is Coit Tower and the place that Jim and I got engaged
on July 2, 1967, my 20th birthday.

We could have driven around all day just taking pictures it was so much fun but we had a 1:00 p.m. check in time in our mystery Hotel. On the way over the bridge Jim told me we were going to Sausalito and would be staying at the Casa Madrona! This is one of the most beautiful Hotels in the Bay Area.