Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Anniversary To Beat All

This time Jim has really outdone himself! We had the most fun-filled weekend and I was so pleased the way he took charge and just planned it all on his own as a surprise for me. He really went out of his way to make sure everything we did would be something I would love. It was. I loved having him all to myself~a rare and wonderful thing.

Our celebration started on Friday night. We went out to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory near our town square. It was a beautiful warm night and the square was just teaming with lots of people enjoying one of the first warm nights of the summer. After dinner we decided to drive around our town and take photos of some important places in our early history.

This is where we met each other through our mutual friend, Jim Sullivan. Once a month a dance was held here for all the high schools and even though it was held in the Concord Armory when the dance was on there was big sandwich board sign out in front that said Silvester's. I have no idea who Silvester was, but if I did I'd have to say, " thank you!" We went to different high schools but lived only 2 miles apart for many years before we met between our junior and senior year. This place is not a fancy or beautiful place but it holds some great memories for us. Jim and I actually met 2 times. The first month we said hello and then went off to dance with other people. We must have frustrated fate as we got another opportunity to line up with the stars and met again the following month. That was 44 years ago and we have been together ever since!

Jim's house growing up

Odometer reading between our houses.

We wanted to take a photo of my house but the
driveway was full of cars so I will try again soon.

The Church we got married in four years after we met. Ours was only the 2nd wedding in this building and it was over 110 degrees that night. I have never been so hot in all those layers of fabric and a veil. The A/C had not been installed yet.

Here is how we look now. A lot of changes have occurred
but we still recognize each other so that is good!

He is still a hottie but he got twice the woman
he bargained for!
He gave a thumbs up to the camera man~
when he congratulated
us on 40 years of marriage!
I guess he's going to keep me!

The best thing about the evening was the church was open so we were able to go in and see the inside for the first time in 40 years. It looked so much smaller than we both remembered. This is the exact spot we stood and said our vows! The vows seemed so archaic then. One of the phrases was "I plight thee my troth." We both started giggling when Jim said, "I trite thee my ploth!" I have enjoyed a lot of ploth (whatever that is!) since then! And speaking of archaic, the minister did not want us to kiss at the end of the ceremony but we insisted so he said, "OK fine, but I will not witness this in the church" and he turned his head toward the alter! Too weird.

Everyone else seems to like it though~especially us!


Miss Jen said...

This is great! I want to see more photos and hear more about the story. I need to get this part so I can print it in my blog too!

Jim said...

A Point of Clarification!
I must confess happily that I asked for and received a lot of help from ALL of our children...especially Missy, Laura and Jen...regarding the details of what it was I should actually plan. The guys were great too but most of their suggestions were something like,"...just do what ever she likes...." Now that I think about it the guys were inspirational...I took a page out of Robert's book of "covert-get-away-planning" and there was no end to the advice from Lowell and Chris regarding massage etiquette (don't ask). So as the result of this group effort, "I got lucky" as they say! Bonnie felt honored and loved and appreciated for being the great Wife and Mother and Friend that she is.

We both agreed that of the many valuable things we have learned in these 44 years the most important is to simply love each other and show day-to-day kindness and consideration. Bonnie's newest saying is "...the days are long and the years are short..." kind of fits here. We have had some l-o-n-g days but over the years I love her more then ever.

We wish this for our children and our grandchildren...and for you.

Laura said...

LOVE IT! I think that is so funny how he turned his head when you kissed! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!