Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy First Birthday, Owen!

Owen Monroe

Today our little Owen is one year old! It is always so much fun to have little babies in the family and to watch them grow from infants into little toddlers. Owen has done so much growing and changing in the past few months. He has teeth, is crawling and pulling himself up, drinking from a cup and bottle and eating real food. He is very quick and Chris had to build a gate to the downstairs to protect him from the stairway.

It is fun to think about the personality of each little one and what they will be like as they grow up. I think Owen is going to be an easy boy for Mom & Dad. I have seen such an even and sweet temperament and he is such a cuddly little guy. I think he did so well when Mom and Dad were in Europe and he took right to Missy's mom. He actually let me hold him too after a bit so that is pretty amazing when Mommy was no where in sight. Here are some of the fun photos we got of him recently.

Grandma George Owen's new best friend
while Mommy and Daddy were gone!

Owen was pretty squirmy but he did let me
hold him once in awhile.He is getting ready to arch
his back and scream! But Aunt Jen distracted him for a smile!

Happy Birthday, Owie!


laura.elizabeth said...

IS that cake for real? Wow, did Missy make it? I am so impressed. I love Owen and can't believe he is already one. Our tiniest babies are growing up. It is exciting and sad all at the same time!

Bonnie said...

No it is just an internet cake but I thought it was so cute for a little boy! He is growing up, isn't he?

Jim said...

Happy Birthday Owen!!
Mom tells us that you have had several 'parties' and cousins and tons of friends wishing you well!
We wish we could be there with all of you and give you a Birthday BIG huge.

By the way...
are those Grandmas real or just good looking internet Grandma photos like the cake. I'll take the blond one!!

Miss Jen said...

Happy Birthday Ohie! We love you!