Monday, June 16, 2008

Heading Home The Long Way

This is the last post about our 40th Anniversary adventures. If you are interested in reading about it you will need to start at The Anniversary To Beat All. Just scroll down until you find it. It will make a lot more sense if read in chronological order.

On the way out of Sausalito we stopped at Fort Baker just under the Golden Gate. Much to our surprise and amazement they have just completed a beautiful resort there. It is definitely on our list of places to stay next. It is called Cavallo Point. This place would be fantastic for a Family Reunion. It is a renovated military installation and really nice.

The new luxury rooms~10 per House

The Gourmet Restaurant & Recreation Hall

Right at the base of the Golden Gate on the Marin side

We headed back over to the City to do some more walking around and taking pictures. We are always drawn back to the Stow Lake area of the Park. Here of some of our favorite photos.

The Bridge Approach at Stow Lake

Pagoda on Stow Lake Island

Island Waterfall

Jim's Flowers


My Flowers

Beautiful Old Tree
A little bent over but still hanging in there~
With gusto****Just like us!
It has cast it's shadow on us for nearly a
half of a century!
Geeesh, sobering thought!

Off to dinner before heading home. We went to Pasquali's our favorite 'hole in the wall' Pizza Parlor. We have eaten Pizza here for 40 years. The quality is always the same~excellent! It is located on 7th and Irving in our old neighborhood.

The Store Front Window

Antipasta like Grandma Marge use to make.

As good or better than any Pizza we had in Italy!

Leftovers for Tomorrow!

This was truly a landmark weekend for us and one I will never forget. James, I love you and thank you for this and all else you are to me. Thanks for being a great husband and father and grandfather. To quote one of our favorite people, "It doesn't get much better than this." Although we didn't plan it our whole weekend had kind of an Italian flavor. Loved it all!


The Christensons said...

it's good to be back into the blogging world! nice to see you had such a wonderful 40th anniversary! congratulations!!!

mandy* said...

That resort looks amazing!!!

Laura said...

LOVE all the scenery. I love all the trees and the flowers. GORGEOUS!

Miss Jen said...

That pizza place is the best! I did leave my heart in SF! Hope we get to visit soon.

Bonnie said...

From my sweet Lee!

Just read your blog. Is the only way I keep up with you. You sound so happy and content. Happy Anniversary and many more to come! Your trip sounds so romantic and peaceful. Congratulations to you both. You have a great life Bonnie with a beautiful family. How blessed you all are. Keep smiling. Give Barbara a hug if you see her too. Seems her family is growing quickly too.