Monday, June 16, 2008

Morning in Sausalito~June 15th

We awakened to the thoughts of our Anniversary and Father's Day, and that we didn't have to rush and get up. So we didn't! For us being in bed past about 6:00 is rare but this morning we didn't get up until 9:00. We wanted to enjoy this choice hotel and occasion as long as we possibly could. When we checked out we went to an outdoor cafe and restaurant called Poggio's right next door to the hotel and had breakfast. Jim was in his glory they had steel-cut organic oatmeal. I had a fritatta del giorno which I think means fritatta of the morning. It was delightful and we each enjoyed a hot chocolate. I know Jim was dying to throw on his biking shorts (heaven forbid!) and take off with all the bikers that passed our table but he was great~didn't even mention his desire to be doing that ~ but I could see it in his eyes! It is hard to hide these things from someone who has known you all your life practically!

Looking at me but thinking
about the biker behind him!

~We read this on the back of the Poggio menu~

"Is there anyplace in California more Italian than Sausalito? Completely surrounded by water and graced by breathtaking hillside vistas, Sausalito could be transplanted anywhere between Cinque Terra and Viareggio and be completely at home. "

We concur! We loved Sausalito long before we set eyes on Italy
and they are very much alike. It is a mini Amalfi Coast.

After breakfast we just walked down past the plaza and onto the Ferry Dock to see what was happening. The Plaza was gorgeous with its fountain, beautiful flower beds and ginormous hanging flower pots. The weather was very changeable but it was a nice day. Didn't get rained on~not one drop!

Gorgeous, huh? The flowers!

Fountain in the Plaza across from the Hotel on Bridgeway.

The Beds

The People on the Dock

The Sailboats and Kayaks
The Stormy Sky Towards the City!

We did some people watching, sailboat gazing, and saw some funny signs.

ONLY in California!

This one says Cholesterol Free Zone!
As I said~ Only in CA!