Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hugs For Happiness & Health

I saw this paragraph about hugging and it got me
to thinking about this lovely gesture of affection.

"I'm trying to hold my hugs for a longer time. Research shows that if we hold a hug for at least six seconds, we optimize the flow of mood-boosting chemicals. According to studies, a family member is 47% more likely to feel close to a family member who often expresses affection than to one who rarely does. Sometimes it's good to say, “I love you”; sometimes it's good to express that thought without words. Also, frequent huggers have lower blood pressure and higher levels of oxytocin (a chemical that promotes bonding)." Real Simple

Spencer & Piper

We are a big fans of hugging in our family. We love it and do it so much that, remember Rossie wants to do it as his life's work! Somewhere years ago I read that it takes seven hugs a day to be healthy. I go for that. We go for the full on bear hugs around here. I have hugged some people that are as stiff as an ironing board. It is like they are trying to hug you without touching you. I find that sad. Everyone needs this form of expressing affection in my humble opinion. It says I like you, I love you, I think you are awesome, you mean something to me, I want you to know you are wonderful and worthy of love and acceptance, you are a great friend. It also says I want you to know you are not alone, I am sorry you are going through this, I am so proud of you, thank you, I am happy to see you, good-bye; I will miss you...etc. etc. Sometimes all that is needed is a sweet hug to set someone's day aright. The dividends are great for such a small effort. Go hug someone you care about today! Seven times is even better!


laura.elizabeth said...

I agree whole heartedly- hugging in a must! I think that is one of the things I miss the most when Robert is gone- there is no one to hug me. Of course I hug the boys tons and tons every day but 90 percent of the time I instigate it. I love it when I am hugged by someone else. And I love LOVE the hugging / kissing tradition here in Italy. It is so intimate and so expressive. I like that.

Bonnie said...

Laura, I'd give my eye teeth to hug some Wads right now. Love hearing from you this way! Big cyber hugs on their way to Italia right this minute!

Miss Jen said...

Consider yourselves hugged-*Hug*-!

Julie said...

It's funny.I have always been a hugger. I really believe hugs are true intimate ways of expressing love and appreciation. I love the power of a good hug, hmmmmm I think I need a hug now.

Bonnie said...

Here's a cyber hug for you Julie...and you too Jen! Laura here's another one for you too!