Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ross ~The Romantic!

Everything is bigger than life with Ross. He is so expressive, so funny and so affectionate and loving. While looking thorough some pictures I ran across this sequence of photos from Burano, Italy to show you how romantic he can be~plus a little dramatic.

The Gathering

Arranging the Bouquet

The Presentation to His Best Girl~Mommy!

While some guys can remain forever clueless in this department, Ross will never be one of them. When asked what he would like to do when he grows up...
His response was "I'd like to just do my Huggy Works!"

Ross totally gets it,
He knows that girls like hugs
And, he is very willing to take it up as his life long work!
The ladies of the future will be standing in line!

I think it is safe to say his Mom, Grandmothers
and Aunties will always be in that line too!


Miss Jen said...

I sure do need some of those Ross Hugs.

Love you!

Laura said...

What a sweetheart! One day there will be a lucky girl.........

laura.elizabeth said...

I love this Mom- it is SOOO Ross!! He is a good boy and as naughty as he may be at times he has got the gift of LOVE. What a blessing!