Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Siblings Gather @ Steve And Em's

Here They All Are In Doggie Heaven!
These guys are all crazy about their pups~
Jim and I missed the boat on this one~no dogs for us!
Emily & Sophie, Steve with his Oscar,
And Gar and Mar with their grand dog, Lola!

About two or three times per year we try to gather together and catch up. It seems that even though we live fairly close, we have so much going on all the time, that if we don't do this~we only see each other on the holidays. I adore my brothers and they have the best wives. We had so much fun. We definitely missed Jim though. He was able to come there for a short time before he left to take his mom, Uncle Bob, Debbie and Tracey to the dinner in Foster City for the twins.

Jim spent the entire morning gathering some of our Italy photos onto a flash drive so we could share them with the family. Gar and Marilyn have just returned from a scuba diving trip to the Bahamas so they were supposed to report on that as well. Sometimes we get together and watch a concert of one of our favorite singers~we have seen James Taylor, Michael Ball, Kenny Rankin, Dan Fogelberg and maybe I have skipped some, but it is always fun activity on Steve and Em's big screen.

Marilyn & Gary

Earlier in the year we had a Super Bowl party at Gar and Mar's and I did a blog post on that event. And then we had the crab feed at Bob & Beth's so we have done pretty well this year!

It is still too cold to eat outside
but everyone is waiting patiently for summer!

We had a great dinner with Steve at the BBQ and Emily doing her magic in the kitchen. It was a really neat time! Thanks, Colbergs! Let's do it again at our house before Christmas...OK?


Jim said...

I was able to be with the group for the beginning part of the day and then went off to The Lazzara Graduation.
It is one of the great joys of life being with those that you share so much of life with. We have all known each other at 30+ years and for the brothers and I going on 45 years. Boy, that really sounds like a long time ago. A lot of history...a lot of friendship...a lot of love.