Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Eden

Thorough blogging I have come to realize that I really love flowers more than I thought (and I thought I loved them pretty deeply) and I really enjoy photos almost as much as the real thing. So many people have been sending out photos of their yards that are just so inspiring, especially our friend, Laura. After seeing her roses I decided to post a few shots of our little corner of the world. Ours is mostly green which we love; nobody makes green like God! I really want to add more color with flower pots and perennials. But here it is as it looks on this hot summer day!

The brick patio and the trumpet vine. It blooms every year right around Father's Day and so it is just getting started for the summer. This vine is probably over 50 years old and so beautiful when in bloom. It taps right into the water table...we don't even have to water it.
My kinda plant!!

This will come as no surprise but I love collecting ornamental elements to decorate the yard. It always has to be something big because the yard is big and it swallows up anything small ~in a heartbeat. Jim painted the star/flower thingy on the house wall for me this year. Love it. This is home!

Home Staging has brought us great blessings
including this table and chairs and three more
umbrella tables from dear friends that have moved away!

We've had some great times at this old table near the waterfall.

Teeter totter always awaiting the Grandkids!

The sound of the water is so enjoyable and relaxing!

This is our pond and waterfall which we love to call "Larry's Monument." When the kids all got married in 1997 we decided to redo the yard and put in the big patio, revamp the pond, etc. for Chris & Missy's open house in August and three weeks later, Jen and Lowell's reception. We started the work in January and I can still remember the night Jim and I went outside in the dark to measure how big we wanted the deck to be. Our dear friend, Larry Crump, who was truly a landscape artist, built this treasured waterfall for us. I wish the water was on this afternoon so you could see it. Larry died about 18 months ago and I never go outside without thinking of him, his sweet heart, his incredible service to our family, and his amazingly creative talents! We miss you, Larry! This man was so awesome he use to love HGTV and always wanted me to watch it with him when I was over visiting Helen.

Peaceful Haven

What's a garden spot without some reminders that we need to seek the sunshine in our lives~and everyone needs a pink flamingo to remind them that life should be full of fun and a little whimsical so we don't take ourselves and our trials too seriously! It is fun to surround yourself with things that uplift you!


mandy* said...

I love the pictures of your yard. So many memories...

Miss Jen said...

My parents yard is one of my favorite places ever. Growing up I always wished we had grass! I got to grow up in a forest and it is the main reason I have such a deep love for trees. I get FURIOUS when people cut them down. (Not 'tree-hugger,-live-on-a-tree-platform,-my-name-is-Dumpster-Muffin' furious but furious just the same. Anyway-love the trees, love the cafe tables, love it all! Miss it too!

laura.elizabeth said...

These pictures are amazing! They fill me with a strange sense of sadness and longing for home. And at the same time there is so much joy at the life I have lived there. Thanks for sharing. Everything looks especially beautiful this year.