Thursday, July 30, 2009

Urban Dictionary

I just finished my work and thought I 'd check out some Facebookers for a minute. I read this from my friend Laura "I think they should outlaw the word cankle."

I had no idea what that was, not living within 500 miles of my kids, not being a TV person or very savvy. I had to Google it. I have to do that a lot to keep up on the pop culture as I spend a good part of my day alone, except for being with you and none of you have been blogging about this to my knowledge.

When I read the Urban Dictionary's Definition...(it hasn't reached Webster yet,) I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I laughed, but not the funny haha kind.

A cankle is a fat ankle where the calf and foot merge with no apparent ankle.

This is a cankle!
So nice they provide illustrations so
you see for sure if you have them.

One more thing for women and girls; little girls, to worry about and think about and get down on themselves for and to seek a plastics man to remedy the "problem" for them. Give me a break. And we wonder why people walk around sad and depressed and on mind-altering drugs?

This is the restoration of your cankle to an ankle
with a little lipo. (This is the one place I do not
need lipo but if I did I would refuse!)

Do you know who is really worried about this besides women in general? The fashion industry. Many women are reluctant to buy shorter pants like crops because of it. If this isn't full-on evidence of a society that is getting sicker by the day, I don't know what is.

I say keep your ankles,
don't worry about them,
don't even think about them!
You have my permission to disconnect
from this concept altogether.

Women have been talking about their fat thighs add infinitum, now it is the fat ankles they are stressing over? Who comes up with this nonsense? I'd like to be on the panel to check them out from head to toe ~ naked (them, not me!!)

I agree with Laura, let's outlaw the use of this word and its ridiculous meaning and replace it with a fresh new word and concept. I am making up a new word just for this special rebellious occasion. My new word is BRECK and a lot of the babes out there need to listen up.

I am sick to death of seeing all the BRECK every time the temperature soars above 65. All the push-up bras and low-cut shirts, and skin tight body gloves are creating breck. It is a shortage of neck due to so much breast merging into it.

Not including photos here as
I know you do not need them!

Anybody out there with me on this one? Leaving something to the imagination comes to mind when innocent people are out and about doing their daily living is not the time for you to bare all. Save it for some other time and place when the rest of us are somewhere else! Just sayin'.

Hey, maybe Breck will catch on as 'a bad thing' and the fashion industry will get worried and start producing more decent clothing for women of good taste and decorum? Not holding my breath but always hopeful for the up and coming little girls, like my granddaughters and the up and coming little boys, like my grandsons!

I have no idea what that book cover of
the Urban Dictionary is trying to communicate
so please don't hold me responsible!


Laura said...

I LOVE this entry. So true. Girls have enough to worry about without "cankle" issues. I couldn't agree more with the BRECK issue. Too much exposure!!!

Sara said...

I saw A LOT of breck tonight...and I wish I had read your post before I went out so I could have used your new word. I will try to spread the new word here in the south!! :)

I have a friend with cankles and she is proud of them!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh Bonnie,
you are too funny!! My sentiments exactly, also about the Breck!!
I just heard the word cankle this week along with the definition of what it is and was telling my husband that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, oh Puhleeeeeeese!!
Something else to drive ladies crazy!! that is exactly what I said to him, that is why I was dying laughing as I read your post,
cause I said some of the same things to my hubby.
And I like you am quite sick of seeing these girls or women with everything hanging out, get a life, and get some dignity for pete's sake, is that all you want to be known for, I certainly hope not!! Now you have me on my soap
box!! ha
I agree about the fashion industry
I can't believe the stuff they make, thankfully this year I have
actually been able to find some tops that did not have spandex, who
in their right mind wants to wear spandex. This tiny lil girl in a teen shop had on spandex pants and it even made her have bulges when she didn't have any bulges!!
and then there are these tops with
sleeves that make you look like you are a 5 yr. old, and what normal woman wants to wear that!!
It's fine if you are between the age of 1-18 but not too cool for
a mature woman!!
Okay, enough said, you just struck
so many nerves!! ha
I am laughing myself silly over here, just had to vent!! ha
Have a great day tomorrow.
Love ya, Nellie
You are really so hilarious.

Marie said...

So true Bonnie, so true . . . I was horrified to discover that I have cankles, however, I am most pleased to say that there are no Brecks here and never will be!

laura.elizabeth said...

Wow, I have never thought about my ankles before but now that I read this post I have noticed they are a little thicker than they used to be. Whaaaa! Why can't an ankle just be an ankle. Sheese. I guess I am finally growing up and getting comfortable in my own skin because it is darn hot here that I wear shorts and skirts (exposing my fat ankles) all the time and don't plan on stopping any time soon.

And as for having too much exposed skin... well, you know how I feel about that. It is absolutely ridiculous. Skinny or not, tan or not, male or female I don't want to see anyone elses... anything. For goodness sakes people! I know it is bad in the state but holy cow you have not seen flesh until you have lived in Naples in August. People may as well be walking around in thier undies!

Alright- obviously this is a topic that gets me razzed. I better quit. I love you!

V and Co. said...

oh man i totally remember talking about canckles in highschool, that was almost 20 years ago...but i'm sooooo loving the breck!!!!
thank you so much for your comments on my blog bonnie. it does pain me sometimes that i can't be like how it was before it got to be a business! ah! but when you come up to utah again i need to know so us "real life friends" can get together like we did that night where we talked about hot vampires and making babies...not in that order...or maybe it was in that order? ;)
also i need laura.elizabeth's email address because i keep trying to comment on her blog and it sends it back, and then i tried to email her and it says it can't recognize it! just let her know i've tried! but i want to get in touch!!! ;)

Bellamere Cottage said...

Hi Bonnie!

Now THAT'S funny! .....BRECK....hahahahaha.


Sally said...

Breck! That is hilarious! Well, the cankles part is sad for me but I have had them my whole life, you can hide most of your body but my ankles always show...I hate to admit that I would get that surgery! But it would be more than lipo. Oh well, are women EVER happy with their bodies?