Thursday, July 23, 2009

20 Things I like About Summer

Jen's Summer Craft Project

Beautiful Summer Mornings

Gorgeous Flowers

Sounds and Sight of Children
Swimming and Splashing in a Pool

Potato Salad and Watermelon

Warn Summer Evenings

The Smell of Freshly Cut Grass

Delicious Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Fireworks on The Fourth of July

Sandals and Pedicures

Wearing White

Open Windows

Air Conditioning in the Car

The Sound of the Sprinklers


Memories of the Drive-in Movies
When I Was a K

Corn on the Cob

Road Trips

Garden Tomato Sandwiches


Lots of Daylight

Ice Cream Cones


A couple of things thing I really dislike about summer...
Being Hot and Sticky,
Sunburns, Mosquitoes, and Yellow Jackets!

How about you? What do you love or
not enjoy so much about the summer?


Laura said...

Family reunions and vacations.

Cool breezes through the window (in California at least!)

Pasta salads

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
The number 1 thing I used to enjoy about summer was having my children home from school. That no longer applies, so guess it would be beautiful lush green manicured lawns and flowers blooming, grilling out, and ice coffee and smoothies, simple meals,
watermelon, salads, vacation, and
I even like mowing the lawn, course, we have a john deere tractor so that helps. that is all I can think of for now.
The thing I don't like too much,
is the heat!! It was 95 today and
very very hot!! ha
Have a great rest of the summer,
Blessings, Nellie

Marie said...

That's a seriously good list Bonnie, and I enjoy many of the same things! It is nice to have the lighter evenings and I do enjoy the warmer temps. Glad to hear little Hazel is doing somewhat better, but still keeping her in my prayers.xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon,
It's me again, Just read your comment on my thankful thursday
post. Yea, you are right it is hard to be unhappy when you are feeling grateful, I so agree, so I try to think of things every day to be thankful for!!
So how is Hazie coming along??
Did the treatment work and not cause her any problems?? I do hope so.
Becky is family reunioning this week!! She will start blogging next week probably with lots of new pics and fun details.
Yes, we are most happy to have Scott and Joey home. He has spent most of the week looking for a job.
Not much out there, but he has applied at a few places. One was at Lowe's as a mgr. over the garden dept. - he was a grower/mgr
over a flower farms near Tampa for
2 yrs, so that would be perfect.
They are building a new Lowe's here but it doesn't open until Oct
or Nov. I hear, so we are hoping he might get that position if not one at the existing Lowe's.
He also applied for a job at a lawn
service, where they spray the yards and all that, but we hate the thought of him spraying all those chemicals every day all day.
He had to do that some when he was at the flower farms but not all day everyday, and you just never
know how that can affect you over time. Please pray he will be able to find a job, think it would really help him. He was working before he left but they were only temporary jobs, so he is ready to
move on at this point to the real thing.
I am going out shopping today just for the fun of it, I had found these neat plates at Target when we were on vacation, and I want to find one more. They are perfect for my bathroom. Sounds
crazy, but I will explain in a post once we get this bathroom done. I am beginning to wonder......... but hopefully we
will get started again today and tomorrow. Can't wait to see some
tile on those walls.
Well, you have a great day hon,
sorry this is so long......
Blessings, Nellie