Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What To Actually DO With Your Grandkids

From grandparents. com here is a list of 100 things to teach your grandkids. I have to say I love lists like this because I don't have much imagination when it comes to playing with and entertaining little ones.

Now Jim, on the other hand , has always got something cooking with the kids. I rarely get beyond the hugging and kissing and
telling them I love them and reading books while snuggling on the bed. Maybe that is because that's when they come to me when their Grampa has worn them out and they need a rest.

I must say though I do think about how I can teach and entertain and just be with Hazie as she gets older and all the fun things I can do with her when the other kids are off doing things she may not be able to do. We will read and play and listen to great books and music and sing and do some writing and make things, and it will be fun. I'll teach her all that I know... and that won't take too long, so I'll have to keep learning right along with her! That is one of the things I look forward to the most when we go to Utah to live. I should start my list of 100o things to do with Hazie now.

Here is the project Julia did at the outdoor craft area
set up for the grandkids by Grampa, of course.
This is her collage made with natural elements.

What is she writing?
Come Stay at Our House!

This is my favorite part~she dedicated this effort to us!
This little grand girl is such a treasure!

100 Things You Can Teach Your Grandchildren

Share a tip, game, or skill that they'll remember forever

by Stewart Coerver

You don’t have to be an expert in anything to impress a child with your knowledge, and leave an indelible impact. From tying a necktie to driving a car, here’s a list of things you can teach them that they’ll never forget.

1.Whistle. This simple skill tops the wish list for preschoolers everywhere. If your grandchildren already know how to whistle, teach them to use their fingers to make it extra-loud.

2. Spread icing on a cake. Show them how to spread icing smoothly on all sides to make it look just so. Get creative and pipe on some decorations, too. Don't forget to lick your fingers — and the bowl!

3. Dive. It's the coolest way to enter the pool. Help your grandchildren learn to use the proper technique and hit the water straight as an arrow. But remind them that diving is only for the deep end!

4. Grow a plant from seed.

5. Shoot a basketball like their idols. By middle school, many young cagers are ready and eager to shoot one-handed like their favorite players.

6. Tie a necktie. Grandsons will feel grown-up when they ditch clip-on ties for the real thing. Watch them practice and give pointers. Older kids likely don't know how to tie a real bow tie, a lost art and a classy touch — and one you'll teach them.

7. Paint fingernails and toenails.

8. Write a thank-you note. This is a skill your grandchildren can use for the rest of their lives. The simple appreciative gesture is fading fast.

9. Discover the wonders of the local library. Show your grandchildren all the amazing free things the library has to offer. Search on the computer for books they love and teach them how to use call numbers to locate them.

10. Jump rope. Young children love the simple joy of mastering this healthy activity. Teach older children how to jump double-dutch.

Well there you have the first ten...if you want to read the rest go to this link.


mandy* said...

I love #9. We discovered how fun the library can be when Cohen was a baby. Seattle has great library programs/classes. One class is called "Bedtime Story." You can go with your kids and listen to a bedtime story being read by the librarian. Cute!

Caroline Craven said...

Hey Bonnie - Loved the ideas of things to do with your grandkids. I can do almost all of those 10, but I'm missing said grandkids! Are you really moving to Utah? When and what part? I read your blog a while ago, but thought you were just remodeling. How are those Concord people going to get by without you and Jim! I'm excited to have you a bit closer! (actually, a lot closer).