Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Tidbits

The men went to San Francisco this morning They stopped along the way at Treasure Island and took a few photos from a marvelous vantage point.

The Buddies!

Whaaat? Jimbob?

Today the guys were suppose to go Kayaking. Somehow the dates got messed up and they are really scheduled for tomorrow. So they went out to lunch and then came home so we girls could have some time. They watched the two little girls and we took Julia and Piper to lunch at El Tapitio's. It was fun giving them all of our attention for this short time. They are such good girls!

We love Mexican Food!Playing with Hazie~Our little rapper!

We all relaxed in the afternoon and then headed over to the Farmer's Market and Beatles Concert in the town square. We bought some veggies for our dinner tomorrow and meandered around the Market. I have never seen it so crowded!

The Flag of Flowers!

I can never resist taking photos of the flowers at the market.

Hazie eats a locally grown, beautiful, organic peach!

This little girl is pretty much always smiling!

Julia Mae started dancing when the concert started revving up!
Pretty soon lots of people were dancing too.

Jen and Piper

Paul and Chloe

Soon our whole little corner of the Market was gettin' down!

At 8:00 the concert and market were closing down so we decided to go to Skipolini's Pizzeria for dinner. It is just down the street and while walking we came upon this great mural.

Julia @ the Mural

This one reminded us of her Daddy!

Skipolini's and it's fountain

The End!


Sara said...

It looks like yall are having a fabulous time!