Friday, July 3, 2009

Ross Andrew Growing Up Before Your Very Eyes!

Happy Birthday to Our Fire Cracker Boy!

Ross is Seven Today!

Today our little Rossie has become big Ross! Here is his picture with his excited new family when he was less than 1 day old. I love the look on his big brother's face, so full of anticipation and happiness at having a baby brother. I was so blessed to be a part of this special time with them. I got to be in the labor and delivery room with Laura~what a sacred privilege. It bonds you to your children and grandchildren like nothing else. I have been able to be present when several of our grandchildren have been born and these experiences are among my most treasured heart prints.

This is Rossie when he was 2.
I have loved this photo for 5 years because it captures his
personality so well.
That little mischievous grin says it all.

Here he is at 4, 2nd from the left with some of the cousins.
(Zach, Ross, Piper, Julia, Connor, Spencer, Anyslee)
They are at Gardner's Mill in Uta
h, sitting on an
buckboard in front of the candy shop.
What a fun day that was for us all!

Here he is at 5 with Spencer, horsing around
while trying
to get their Christmas card photos taken on the
campus when Dad was a student there.
Picture taking is a challenge~ they love to make goofy faces!

5 and Getting Excited about their move!

This is the happy and sad day they left for Italy
for 3 whole years. Fortunately there are only
about 13 months left of this long separation.

Nine months later~our first day in Italy for a visit!
Love those marble stairs until you have to
climb them
many times per day to get between
the three floors of their "villa!"

At almost 6, Ross tries Gelato!

The funny photo contest winner from Venice.

Ross at 6 with his " percinnamon"

For the up to the minute photos of our 7 year old
see his Mom's post for today.

We love you Ross, hope your Birthday was the best ever!
The best part of today for me was talking to you through
time zones

that allowed us to have the same birthday!
I know you are going to bed about now
but we will party on while you sleep!

Loving the Lego set Mom picked out with his Birthday Bucks from us.

Ahhh, I see somethings don't change overnight. Still hammin' it up for camera with the Lego car he made by placing it on his head! Don't you just love boys? I love electronic technology that allowed us to spend this day together all the way across the world. I am thankful for it and Laura for using it and our Little Rossie Big Ross, this day!

Love, Gramma and Grampa
XOXOXOXOXOXOXO and one to Grow On...XO


Connie said...

I love that you share his hilarious moments with us....what a darling he is!

BECKY said...

Such fun, Bon'!! What a cutie he is!! LOVE the funny one in Venice! Oh how I long to visit Italy! Did you enjoy your visit? Was it all you expected it to be?

Hope you have a happy fourth! Just think, this time next year you will be very close to welcoming them all back to the U.S.!! YAY!!