Thursday, July 9, 2009

Santa Cruz!

On Wednesday we went to Santa Cruz for the day!
The weather was gorgeous and it wasn't too crowded.
We used to take our kids there when they were young.
Four generations of our family have ridden some of these rides!

Chloe so excited about our day trip to Santa Cruz
and waiting patiently for all nine of us to get out of the door.
Can you say slow motion. Jen was fantastic at getting everyone
ready but it just takes awhile in a cottage full of people.
Grampa cooked bacon and eggs and toast for everyone!

Hazie looking exactly like Piper as a baby!

The Giant Dipper~85 year old wooden roller coaster.
The Brave Hearts went for a ride!

Chloe on the little bumper cars!

Jen and Gramma in a weird hat!

The kids loved the beach and some touched the
Pacific Ocean for the first time!

Our guys having some brotherly love moments!

We loved looking at all the funny beach costumes everyone
was wearing and all the tattoos. Holy Moley!

Waiting for the merry-go-round
~Piper and Julia in their cute hats!

Piper on her pony~Sugar

Julia on her Pony~Princess

Daddy , Chloe and Julia riding out!

Grampa, Jen and Hazel on her first merry-go-round ride!
The big girls named Hazie's pony Cutie Patootie!

Photo Booth Moments with "Uncle" Paul

Piper and Lowell on the bumper cars!

Grampa and Piper went on the Double Shot.
It takes you straight up
several stories and then plummets
you to the ground.
Hmm..what kind of fun is that exactly?

Big Daddy and Little Girl
Hazie ate her first cotton candy.
She had the cutest look on her face like she was saying
"We eat blankets?"

Laffing Sal moved from Play Land at the
Beach in San Francisco..

I use to stand and watch her laugh
when I was Piper and Julia's age!

Down by the boardwalk... the boardwalk...
just havin' some fun

The Big Girls loved all the rides!

Piper's car!

Julia's Car


mandy* said...

What a fun day!!!! I can't believe Jim went on Double Shot! I remember the ride in the last pictures. Laura and I went on it together. She had a great time and I was getting sick. Just when I thought the ride was over it stopped and then WENT BACKWARDS!! I wanted to die. Oh memories...

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
Glad your visit to Santa Cruz was so much fun. Everyone looked like they were really enjoying themselves. All of the children are absolutely adorable. So glad you can all have this time together. Enjoy the rest of your time together.
Blessings, Nellie
Thanks for taking the time to share