Sunday, August 9, 2009

Now This is SWEET!

Imagine my surprise today when I received an e-mail advertising Room With A Past's upcoming sale. I blogged about them once before. Each month they send out this e-mail and then they attach some pertinent info.

Apparently they have started a blog themselves. I was reading the second entry on the page and found this post featuring my blog! Whoa, such great advertising for me here in our local area. I love this place, these sweet ladies, and the blogsphere! Such kindnesses as sharing information in our areas of interest and business is simply SWEET! I cannot wait to hop on over there this weekend for their sale. It is a real treasure hunt every time!

If you live locally~
Why not add their blog to your blogroll or reader?


mandy* said...

That's great!!!! I'd love to go there.

ImagineCozy said...

Hi Bonnie,

I love your comments --- I guess I have said that before huh!
Anyway, I teach free classes, many LDS Relief Society Enrichments. There was a KSL Reporter in one of my classes. She is friends with Brooke Walker who is one of the hosts of Studio 5. She looked at my blog and loved the idea, so she asked me if I would be interested in doing a segment. I did one in June (if you look under my catagories it is listed as Angela on TV.) it was really fun, they sent a film crew with me to do a redesign and then put together a fun little before and after video.
So that is how it started---I will be continuing to do a few segments as the months go on. It really is such fun!

laura.elizabeth said...

Wow, you are famous but I then again I always knew you would be. I love that store, a room with a past. I use my red step stool from them EVERYDAY.

Connie said...

You're probably famous all around the world and don't even know it, Bon! Your posts are just too good!!!