Thursday, August 27, 2009

No Ordinary Thursday For Me

Mike and Gabrielle August 27, 2009

Today I am going to a wedding. In our church occasionally people get married or sealed in the Temple on a week day and then have their reception on the weekend. That is exactly what Mike and Gabe have chosen to do. We love this young couple and are so happy to see this delightful day arrive. Gabrielle is one of the most special of all the young single women that we worked with in the Young Single Adult ward for so many years. We don't know Mike as well as he served his mission during our time in the ward but we do know him well enough to be thrilled by this marriage. They will have a wonderful life together and we are so happy for them.

So this is where I am headed later this morning
and that is why this is no ordinary Thursday for me!
Or for them!

~The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints~
Oakland California Temple

The difference between day and night!

I'll take some photos and add them in later today. Saturday night Jim and I are helping at their reception. We are in charge of the chocolate fountain for three hours. can never take that first bite when you have this detail for three hours! Should be fun!

The Bride and Groom as they stepped out of the Temple today!

The wedding was beautiful, very spiritual, and touching. Gabrielle made a gorgeous bride! She is so statuesque and lovely and I have never seen her looking prettier or happier than today! I love the touch of red on her lips, dress and train and she had the cutest, red, patent leather shoes ever. I'll try for a full length view of this magnificent dress on Saturday night. I don't want to do the total reveal if you are going to the reception! If you are, head over to the chocolate fountain~we'll be there waiting for you! I wonder how long it will take us to mess up our white shirts? Loved today...It was such a beautiful experience and not your typical Thursday at, not one bit.


The Love Birds

I wish I knew how to add a little red along the edge of this train!
You'll have to use your imagination!

Gabrielle~she's an angel all right!
Taken the night of their reception!


margaret said...

A genuinely handsome couple. She looks very Italian.

And *sigh* it is one of my life's ambitions to be in charge of a chocolate fountain ;)