Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn in Utah

Halloween is Coming over here at Jen and Lowell's!

I love this old wooden scoop and these
pumpkins, acorns and gourds of Jennifer's

Hazel eating breakfast

Much to my surprise I am in Utah with Jen and family. It was a spur of the moment opportunity to spend time with 8 of our 10 could any fun-loving Gramma pass that up? My flight here was interesting. The plane was jammed packed full of football players from Idaho State...I think there were less than 20 women on the entire plane. My seat mate was not a football player but a friendly young man that I discovered is the grandson of some good friends of ours in the church. He is Tom Lange's grandson, Jeff and we chatted all the way to Utah. As if that were not enough of a coincidence, as I was going out to wait for Jen to pick me up at the airport I ran into Faye and got to meet Boston and Naomi! Then Jen drove up and she got to meet Hazie! Faye lives about a half a block from us and is one of my dearest friends for those of you who don't know her. It was just a happy trip for sure.

Yesterday afternoon I just kind of settled in and today we had some fun activities. Teh big girls had school for I hung out a lot with Chloe and Hazie this morning. Of course my camera came along so here are a few shots.

Chloe just being sweet!

Hazie being a little rascal!


LA Adams said...

Beautiful girls!! How nice to meet friends! Utah has a way of doing that. So is there snow? I hope your trip back is just as great. Maybe a team from Utah?

Caroline Craven said...

Seems like airports are the place to meet people (last summer - remember)!

Marie said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip and visit thus far Bonnie! Oh, how I love the pictures of your beautiful little grand-daughters. The joy just radiates from them!! How sweet!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
So happy to hear you got to go see
your grandchildren and their Mommy
and Daddy too!
What a fun and surprisingly great
flight and airport adventure. Isn't God so neat how he sets up these wonderful surprises that we know are not coincidences but are
divinely planned events. Love it,
just love it!! They add such sweet spice to our lives!!
Cute pics of Hazie and Chloe!
Hope you have a wonderful time soaking up and giving all that love from and to these precious lil ones! How long will you be
there?? How long does it take you
to fly there??
Have a ball hon!
Blessings and love, Nellie

Faye said...

That was so fun to run into you at the airport! It was wonderful to see
Jen (it's been quite a while) and I feel like I know Hazel from your blog - but she is even cuter in person. Hope you are having fun on your Grandma adventure.