Friday, October 23, 2009

Utah Randomness

There always seem to be some cute random photos left over after a trip that don't fit perfectly into a specific post. Here are some that I liked.

The morning I left saying our good-byes!
Off to work and school for these three!

Hazel has become quite good at not
only speaking but ASL signing!
My favorite things she signs are gorilla,
and "pay attention"
(she has absolutely no idea what this means)
and of course, Gramma.

I this wooden bowl that Jen has
with all the cute mini-pumpkins and gourds.

The girls helping with family dinner clean-up!

More TiaPan with Julia!

Snow-capped Mountain shining through the clouds.

Rock A-Bye Baby on the front porch!

Our beautiful Jen-Jen!

Quaking Aspen at Sundance

Bedtime family gathering at Chris and
. Zach sharing his own version of
a Halloween story with me.

One of my favorite houses in their area~
I am lovin' that porch!!
Click Click

Julia loves sleeping with her Gramma so she
camped on the floor at the foot of the
bed when it
was Piper's turn! Sweet, huh?

They make me feel so loved!

My Piper Girl! So sweet and cuddly!

Jewels in her glam, fluffy, pink robe!

This tree in the front yard turned
from green to golden while I was there.

Lovin' me some Chloe girl!
What a great ten days!
I went to help but they
gave me a great vacation!


LA Adams said...

Ahhhh, great pictures! What a great idea.

Marie said...

Great pictures Bonnie! You have a beautiful family!

mandy* said...

What fun pictures! Isn't it hard going home after spending so much time with family? Sometimes I wish I could spend all of my money on plane tickets.