Monday, October 19, 2009

Owen's Growin'!!

Owie and Daddy

This is my first photo session with Owen when he wasn't wiggling all around. He is so precious at 2 1/2. He has the cutest little voice and calls himself Owie!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
It was sooo good to hear from you today. Am so glad you can be there for your Jen. I was thinking about her the other day and wondering how she was handling the situation with Hazie. I know that has got to be very hard for any parent. I know we have a girl in our Sunday School class that has a child with Autism, and recently I think she has had to give up the idea that her child is not gonna be okay, she really does have autism, I think she somehow thought if she took her to theraphy 6 days a week, they could beat it! She is having a tough time, and I can only imagine. My heart really goes out to her and Jen. Sometimes it is hard to understand what the Lord is up to in these situations, and really causes it to raise questions in everyones mind, but we know that God is Good and he is good all the time, but we just can not always understand His ways.

Wow, sounds like there is some major renovating going on at your house. you will be in shock when you do go home. Just came from working in our shower, cleaning haze off the tile, and Jim caulked the edges by the wall.
Looks so much better. Also took all the cardboard out of the bottom and vacuumed it out. Looks so nice, just have to finish grouting that and we will be a done deal! Probably want get to it tho before the weekend or maybe even next week, but that is okay.
We are just having so much fun looking at and enjoying all our hard work. It really does look beautiful! Can't wait to share
the outcome with you. Know you will be telling us about your bathroom!! lol Wonder who will be next after you??? lol

Owen is adorable, so cute and innocent looking! Nice pic of he and his dad!! The pics from yesterday were gorgeous. Utah is marvelous and looks so pretty.
Can't blame you for wanting to move there, course, I know your
kids are probably a bigger drawing card than the trees!! lol

Well, gotta get to bed it is 11:30
almost. Got lots to do tomorrow.
Love and Blessings Hon,
will be praying for Jen - Bless you
too, dear for being such a good Mom.
Nice pic of you and Piper too!
Have a good day tomorrow.

Marie said...

What an adorable little grandson you have there!! It is so hard to get the wee ones to sit still isn't it? We don't have any really great pictures of my children as a group when they were small, because one of the other of them was always looking away from the camer, fidgiting, etc.!!!