Tuesday, October 13, 2009


OK, so I don't do skeletons and witches or spookiness for Halloween, but I will do Ghosties...as least the cookie kind. Yesterday I did this little crafty cooking time with the girls so Mommy could get a little R&R.

This is my kind of kitchen time. Store bought Nutter-Butter cookies...they are in a ghost shape, don't you think? Then a can of vanilla frosting and some mini-chocolate chips, four willing bakers and a large counter top. Mix it all together and this is what you get.

Hazie & Julia

Chloe & Piper

I know, I know... not exactly
Public Health Standards...sorry about that!

Hazie eyeing the cookies


I Got it!

Happy Times!


girlsmama said...

It looks like a perfect afternoon! I'm so glad you got to come up and visit the family. I so miss having Chloe in preschool...:(

Marie said...

What a fun activity to do with your grand daughters! Just look at the joy on little Hazel's face! It does the heart good!!!

LA Adams said...

Nice! Very Nice!