Friday, October 9, 2009

How To...

I am a Quick Study, huh?
I love knowing how to do this
to avoid the tangled mess!


mandy* said...

Oh my gosh...I so needed this "how to." Thanks!

Marie said...

Yayy!! I needed this Bon, I have two ipods I take to work with me in my purse. One has music on it and the other my Hypno stuff, anyways, they are always getting all tangled up in my purse, now I know how to keep them orderly and ready to use without having to untangle them each time! Thanks so much!! Have a safe trip to your daughters. I hope it goes well and you are able to give her the mommy loving she needs so that she soon feels tickety boo and on top of the world again!! xxoo

LA Adams said...

Nice, this probably works for well for all small electronic wiring.
I like the backdrop, I'll ask you today how you keep your papers organized so you have a desk to showcase things so well.