Friday, October 16, 2009


We had a beautiful day yesterday with a little chance to get out of the house. Chloe and Piper were playing with friends so we took Julia and Hazie and headed for TaiPan, the Granddaddy of all home shopping stores. But before we soaked in the beauty there, we took a little look around outside and wanted to share some of the natural beauty of this area. This is from the vantage point of the sidewalk in front of the kids' house. I ♥ the burning bushes, the trees, the mountain and the marshmallow, cloudy sky.

Here is a photo of the beautiful Rockies
along the freeway. Simply

The Place where you can find it all!
I know it is a little bit weird but this store brings me pure JOY!
I admit to being totally addicted to it!

Beautiful Christmas Florals

There is quite a bit of glittery,
absolutely sublime Christmas decor!

Lots of Fall things and they are so festive!

Pumpkins Galore! Jen searching for her new
one from the many many choices!

Julia among a small sampling
of the gorgeous Christmas trees!

Yummy stuff everywhere you rest your happy eyes!

Jen has found her new pumpkin for her fabulous collection.

This store must never is the best and the prices are so reasonable. I have gotten so many wonderful things here over the years~things that I continue to love and enjoy each time I see them. I love to buy things for our girls here and I bought a cute pumpkin for Missy and Chris and their family. I wanted to bring it to them when I finally got to go an see them last night! It was fabulous! More on that next time!


BECKY said...

Hi Bon'!! Wow! Those Rockies!! They are something else! I have been to them one time back in '92...breathtaking!!

Then (as she draws in another breath) this store!! I have never heard of it, but sure want to visit!! Looks like paradise to me!!

Thanks for sharing gal!
Have a joyful weekend!!

Caroline Craven said...

Which Tai-Pan did you visit. I was at the one in Kaysville on Monday and didn't see all the fun stuff you saw, but still managed to spend plenty. Next time you are in Utah, plan a trip to "Secret Haven" in Kaysville, on the old highway. It is pricy, but I love to go there and then go to Tai-Pan and recreate, or just buy it if I don't think I can recreate, but since it is so pricy, I have to make sure I love it - which I usually do. In my opinion, it is by far the cutest little shop in Utah, it used to be an old cherry packing plant - very cute and worth the trip. They are having their holiday open house November 1 - all Christma stuff on sale. If you get out here before Christmas, it is the best time to go. Bring plenty of money!

Connie said...

I love that store, too, but have only been there once....I must remedy that for sure! :) The scenery is me some Utah! :) (That's just for you, Bon!) :)

Marie said...

Oh, the rockies are so beautiful and that store, well WOW! I probably would have never wanted to leave! xxoo

margaret said...

The store looks fantastic, I don't think I've ever seen anything like it and in the UK the prices would be fantastic too and I'm so sad I get excited about Hobby Lobby! My favourite thing though is the very top garden picture - that is just gorgeous.

Shaun at Oak Den said...

On one of your trips to Utah we'll have to co-ordinate and I'll drive out to the Wasatch Front and we can meet up at Tai-Pan or Gardner Village. I know that might be hard to do because you are so involved with your family when you get out here. Maybe we can make something happen!