Sunday, October 25, 2009

Speaking of Winners

Spencer James
I am not sure why I love writing so much, but it just feels so essential to my well-being. I know not all people share this love with me. But I think our grandson, Spencer, is an exceptional writer and on the brink of self-discovering one of his God-given talents. I want to share some of the things he has been doing lately. This poem is really outstanding for a 10 year old. In fact, I don't think a lot of adults can do this. Check it out!



"I’ve come up with a strategy impossible to beat,
A person with this strategy you’ll never want to meet.
I’ve come up with a strategy and this time I will win,
I‘ve come up with a strategy now let the game begin.

I’ve come with a strategy the chances I have won,
Are rapidly increasing ever since the game begun.
I’ve come up with a strategy and your almost dead,
I’ve come up with a strategy prepare to lose your head.

I’ve come up with a strategy you do not have a chance,
I’ve come up with a strategy prepare as I advance.
I’ve come up with a strategy and you will never win,
And if we play another game, I'm sure I’ll win again!

I’ve come up with a strategy you’re almost in check - mate,
I’ve come up with a strategy prepare to meet your fate.
I've come up with a strategy I've almost won the bet.
A hundred million dollars is what I plan to get.

The game is almost over, pay up- I'm the boss,
I hope you learned your lesson ... Say what? OH NO - I LOST!"

I think this is not only written very well but has a great message. There is a great difference between being self-assured and cocky. When we become so positive that we are invincible, surely a humbling experience will follow.
We am so proud of this poem that I think I shall have to start a new society. I am calling it Gramma's Literary Society! I already have one of Julia's pieces to share this week and I am calling for new submissions from the rest of the grandkids (or anyone else who wants to join in!) I know Zach wrote an original Halloween story just a few weeks ago. Let's hear it from Connor, Aynslee, Piper, and Ross too! You can publish your first story right here on my blog!

I think it is just wonderful that people can write and publish right on their own blogs~what a blessing that everyone's voice can be heard. In the old days when publishing was so random and difficult, I think many writers just threw in the towel. I am thankful to be alive in this time. Are you as excited about being able to publish as I am?

What a blessing!


LA Adams said...

Gramma's Literary Society - it has a nice ring to it. I'm looking forward to the next submissions.

Marie said...

I'd say Spencer has a definite talent there Bonnie! Thanks so much for sharing him with us! I love blogging myself. It's been a wonderful way to give a voice to my thoughts and to share. I love to write and I truly appreciate being able to put it out there and get feedback on it. I look forward to your other treats that you are going to share with us from your grandkids in the coming days!

Caroline Craven said...

Wow, not being a literary genius myself, I am so impressed by Spencer's gift. That was an amazing poem! I can't believe a 10-year-old wrote it. I love the Gma,'s Literary Society, what a treasure your family will have. You make being a Gma. look so fun and easy. I really can't wait until we are grandparents. Yesterday in church Kent saw a little baby with a really fat tummy and commented on how cute she was. I think he may be ready too! Now if we can just get Nicki on board?!?

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
what a neat poem with a surprise
ending and what a great message!!
Cockiness will get you nowhere cause God's word says Pride goeth before a fall!
That is so neat you are encouraging your grandchildren to write and then posting it on your blog. Great idea!!
Look forward to seeing more.
Tell Spencer to keep up the good work, he is doing a great job and I definitely think he has a gift.
Hope things are coming along well
with your renovations.
We should have grouted this weekend but we were just too tired to care.
Have a great day,
Love and Blessings,