Monday, October 5, 2009

The Resistance

About over 1200 Jews that did resist and escaped
the gas chambers
as a group that hid in
the forest and became a strong
community of
good people trying to stay
alive or die with dignity.

One of our all time favorites about how the pre-war & war times
affected and shaped the lives of young German kids.
Love the music and dancing in this movie.
Their struggles were a nightmare.

This one was interesting because it was about the war
from the Greek and Italian point of view. Sometimes
we just get the American perspective and it is good to
remember that many nations suffered during this
terrible time on the planet. Nicholas Cage had a hard
time convincing us he was Italian..they should have cast
an unknown for more authenticity we thought.


LA Adams said...

Nathan and Rebekah loved 'Swing Kids' and Nathan took one of the songs and actually danced some swing dances with a partner. It is nice to have good movies that help us remember.