Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Little Piece of Heaven

The Christus

After taking a few days off of my blog, I have realized more than ever that I need to be writing. It is just so healthy for me and such a habit now that when I am not doing it my life feels out of balance. When I am writing I feel like I am connecting with all of you and I think about you as I am writing. No woman is an island~even though I felt like one while holed up in this house with the plastic shutting out the world. I love my solitude occasionally but not solitary confinement!

I did take the time to do some reading and that was great...and some organizing of future events. Also we have been watching General Conference from Salt Lake City and it has been wonderful and renewing. There seems to be a thread of LOVE and the pure love of Christ running throughout and it has been so uplifting to realize how it can change us all and the world around us. It is exciting that through modern technology, in just a few days we can watch and read the talks as many times as we want at

One of the things I love so much about our General Conference sent via the media is that it is such a unifying moment for the Latter-day Saints. I think of our family and dear friends all over the world watching and being lifted up together. I think of friends I have not seen in so long and rejoice in knowing we are all doing the same worthwhile thing at the exact same time. It is wonderful~a little piece of heaven. I think of all of you singing from your chapel, your family room, your computer desk..."I Need Thee Every Hour" and it is heartwarming. Happy Sabbath to all of you that are celebrating the life and gifts of Jesus Christ today!

The last session is starting now and I am exciting because Elder Holland has to be in this session...I have been waiting, ever so patiently, for his words that always pierce my heart and teach me more about the Savior and His plan for our happiness and salvation. What a happy day!


Connie said...

Amen, sister, it was wonderful from start to finish. And Elder Holland's talk blew me away. I love Conference!!!!!!!!!!

Shaun at Oak Den said...

It was a WONDERFUL conference weekend. I'm like you are with Elder Holland. He was Pres. of BYU when I was there (also Elder Oaks) and I've always loved his wisdom. I was very happy to hear him speak today. It was a great weekend, to be sure!

LA Adams said...

You are so right, Elder Holland is worth waiting for! He was touched by the beautiful song which is one of my favorites too. Jeffrey has been playing Tabernacle Choir music since Conference got over. Ahh, I love these family afternoons!

Caroline Craven said...

We must all feel the same way about Elder Holland, I kept telling the kids to listen to what he was saying. What a powerful testimony. I missed Saturday's sessions as we were traveling and coudn't get it on the radio, so was excited that I hadn't missed his talk. Absolutely loved it.

Marie said...

I just love conference BOnnie. I have not had a chance to see all of it yet, because of the time differences, but hope to over the next few days, and then when the November Ensign comes out I hope to feast upon their words all over again. Our church is filled with wonderfully wise and amazing spiritual giants. we are so very blessed.

BECKY said...

Hi Bon'!! It's cool that your church is doing this multi media thing! We sure have unprecedented power to connect around the world, huh?

I've missed visiting...haven't done much, but glad to hear that you're doing well! Solitary is just not good for us for very long is it? I am such a people person...I need my buddies!! :o)

Hope your week is wonderful. We celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this week, and hubby's 52 birthday! We may go away for a few days, but we may wait til the south cools off a bit more and go see some of the change of the seasons.

Love ya!!