Friday, October 30, 2009

One of My Pet Peeves

One thing that makes me crazy is that if you live long enough you have to eventually learn way too much about a lot of things that don't really merit a lot of attention in the first place. Case in point....

Yesterday I spent hours on the Internet looking into the various aspects of tubs, toilets and sinks. I have never had any desire to be a quasi-expert in all of these lovely items but now I am. Go ahead just ask me a question~I'll know the answer. Useless facts and figures abound.

Toilets...Toto all the way...the Drake elongated 2 piece energy efficient one.

Sinks...Many choices but we like the Toto Promenade pedestal sinks...we will have two matching ones instead of a vanity. Also need two medicine cabinets...another foray of things to investigate. Oh, and the week for that.

Now the tubs...a free standing soaking tub. There are a billion tubs ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime in prices. The best place I have found so far,

If I get the OK from my boss/hubby it will be on its way from Florida next week. Cheaper for nicer even with the shipping. I cannot decide if we want the claw foot or the pedestal base yet.

This may well be the most boring post I have ever done but as you are yawning away you will know what my day was like yesterday. Ugh!

What peeves me about it is that you have to learn so much about everything before you can make an intelligent decision in your purchases. We have to do this because there are far too many choices which gives unscrupulous people so many more chances to take advantage of our ignorance. I just want to get to the fun part...the icing on the cake, the decorating. I know I must be patient as the foundation isn't even poured yet thanks to City planners who took two weeks to issue a building permit and charging 5 times what it would have been just last year. Welcome to California..."I'm a hundred years old." (That last quote was for my Jennifer...our favorite line from The Proposal with Sandra Bullock!)

Well happy days, dear readers, I am off to the vacuum cleaner store. Now there's another thrill filled day for ya. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is the song I am singing!


Shelli said...

I know, Bon. Sometimes the research is overwhelming. Baby stuff, for example. Um, I just want the safe carseat ... which one is that? :)

Bonnie said...

I know, Shel, just picking up some diapers can be the most overwhelming thing when Walmart has an entire wall of them from ceiling to floor. Hello, just simple, good and easy would do.

Connie said...

I'm sincerely grateful that you are taking one for the team, Bon! I will be revisiting this blog when the time comes...and it will be coming VERY soon...for us to replace our antiquated and despicable toilets. I will then ask "where do I get the best price?" and even more indepth and prying questions....:) So, you may not love the quest, but as for me and my house, WE APPRECIATE YOU!!! Keep up the good work! :) Love you, my friend!

LA Adams said...

This is why we have friends! When we need something good we ask who knows?! Anyway I've decided to look into the tubs that you can walk into as my mom can't lift her leg up and over. I've found them very interesting (and way expensive). Though the jets sure look great.

Marie said...

Ohh, definitely go for the claw footed tub Bonnie. I'd love one of those. I think if I ever have to get a new sink, I'll get one that looks like a bowl sitting on the counter. I think they are so beautiful!