Saturday, May 29, 2010

86 Degrees Downtown Today...

One day it's pouring and the fireplace is blazing, the next it's 86 degrees. Gotta love the unpredictability! Today was divine!

One time when Laura was living in Mississippi, a stone's throw from the Gulf, she commented that she finally understood why people 'talked about the weather' because it can really affect you. It was 2005 the year of, yes it surely can!

The funny part about that is that we live in such a fantastic climate that we rarely even think about the weather, let alone talk about it. We have no snow, no tornadoes or hurricanes, no summer rain, and usually no more than 3 hot days in a row before the ocean fog rolls in and cools everything off. It is a paradise really in the weather department. Our weather can be summed up in a few sentences. Sunny and nice most of the time with very little bothersome humidity. Rainy during the winter 3 month off and on with moderate temperatures and a little damp when it does get cold. Cold for us is the low 40s high 30s. That's it. Not much to incite a conversation.

But this year it has been the topic of conversation everywhere you go. It has been six months of very unpredictable rain with odd bits of sun now and then.

But the one thing that is not unpredictable is that in just one month, I will be looking forward to some great, little, thoughtful surprises from my hubby. As an example, he prepared the yummy lunch in the photo above for us today. It consisted of white grape juice, asiago and cheddar cheese. Lightly toasted, garlic and cheese, sourdough bread, fresh strawberries and Trader Joe's bruschetta (this means HEAVEN in Italian!!) He has a cute flair for putting it all out too. Note his presentation with the bruschetta container and the fancy stemware! I love it!

Here is my TJ's commercial for all of you that are lucky enough to have one in your neck of the woods. The garlic cheese bread is baked with those ingredients to flavor it. Therefore you do not need to add anything, you can eat it dry and add the bruschetta. Seriously, you have just died and left the earth as you know it! And between us and Connie and Torrey this stuff flies off the shelves lickity split, so help yourself if you stop by TJ's.... but don't take ours!

So it is my prediction that it is going to be a very fun summer over here! And I better be coming up with some surprises myself to make it more fun for him! He is much more creative in that department than me!


Neabear said...

Weather definitely has been crazy around the Bay Area. Got up to 86 or so degrees around here too. Did not turn the air on in the house, but turned on the fans. Now we have the windows open to cool off the house. It is now after 8 pm and it is still 75 outside.

Hope all is well with you!


Julie Harward said...

It's been a crazy weather pattern here too..really not much Spring..lots of rain/snow. Today, I just got tired of waiting and went out and washed my windows inside and out...I cannot believe how dirty they were! :D