Monday, May 10, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook~May 10, 2010

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So, For Today...Monday, May 10, 2010

Outside my window...Surprisingly it rained yesterday but I haven't looked at the weather report for today. I heard someone say yesterday in church it is supposed to rain for a few days. Say it isn't so...but then the sky is looking pretty gloomy this AM.

I am thinking...I have a lots of lofty goals for today...we'll see how much actually gets done! I have gotten a great start on the day so far though so it is promising.

I am thankful for...our wonderful family...each and everyone.

From the learning room...The way we view things and the world is the way they really are. Perception is everything!

I am reading...Book 3 in the Zion Covenant Series by Bodie Theone. This one is entitled Munich Signature.

From the kitchen...Lots of great left-overs from yesterday so I don't need to cook today at all.

I am some people that were struggling with Mother's Day yesterday are doing. My brother's mother-in-law is really ill and hospitalized and I think they all spent the day at the hospital. I need to call this morning. I was thinking and wondering about people close to us who have lost children. It can be a very bitter/sweet day each year for a lot of people.

I am hearing...Norah Jones...I do love her smooth, relaxing voice.

I am tell you what I am wearing even though I took that prompt off last week because I am actually dressed in something besides jammies for a change. I have on black pants, a winter white shirt with some black and tan embroidered flowers around the neck line and down the sleeves. I have on earrings, a watch and even a bracelet and hair and make-up done! It is 7:10 and I am expecting my friends over at 8:00.

Today if I could change one would be that Jennifer could go to Scotland with Lowell and the big girls.

I am quoting..."Fall down seven times, get up eight!"

My spiritual thoughts include...curiosity about the Anglican and Orthodox churches that a friend of mine in Edinburgh blogs about all the time. It is all so interesting and a bit perplexing to me. I love her devotion to it!

Around the house...things are cozy and I just need to fold the laundry and then most of the house work is done for today.

I am magnetic sunglasses clip-ons. I am so annoyed with myself for losing them. They cost $89.00 to replace and this is the second time I have lost them. Next time I am getting a regular pair of prescription sunglasses. They are easier to keep track of and I am tired of replacing these flimsy things. What started out as an economy move has become very expensive.

I am hoping....they will turn up before I order the new ones.

One of my guilty pleasures...bracelets...oh how I do love them.

One of my favorite things...Finding one of my old bracelets that goes perfectly with something new. It happens all the time and it is one of the fun things for me about being a girl. It is that old decorating thing I guess..I just love putting things together that work.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...
well we did see Sherlock Holmes but we did not like it. Too weird. Except for the eye candy it was pretty lame.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Get the invitation made for Jim's retirement party, confirm with some family that they really are coming here on the 4th of July, make a blog post for Chloe and Spencer for their birthdays today and tomorrow, dental appointment, take some cookies to some friends that are under the weather, start working on the menu for the retirement party, etc. Just a lot of busy work stuff. Maybe a trip to the Croc store to try to find some shoes that do not kill my feet.

Here is a picture and a thought I am sharing with you~

This is Jim's mother. She has just let her hair grow and become her natural color. Her hair was a light medium brown but she got got tired of "doing it" all the time so she let is go au natural! She will be 84 this year! Doesn't she look amazing for her age? She came for dinner yesterday to celebrate Mother's Day and Jim snapped this photo. We should all be so lucky! I am including this so the kids can see the new look for their Grandma.


Julie Harward said...

She does look young for her age! I like the quote too..about falling down, a good one! Have a good day! Come say hi :D

Sister Susie said...

I like your blog that makes me think!

OUTSIDE...My neighbor has a big wrecker taking his truck to get some work done on it.
THINKING...What I want to do on my next blog.
THANKFUL FOR...God's gift of family and friends.
LEARNING ROOM...I pray the Holy Spirit will lead my perception of His views and not my own.
READING...My "Midnight Call" magazine.
KITCHEN...Yes indeed, leftovers from Mother's Day.
WONDERING...About some friends of mine dealing with health issues. Pray for Al, George, and Doug.
HEARING...My Macaw going through his talking, laughing routine in the other room! Calling the dogs, one sided phone conversations with added laughs. (He startled me the other day when he bopped me on the shoulder with his big beak! I let out a yell of surprise. Now he does that same surprised yell, then laughs! LOL!
GOING...I think I'm wearing the same thing as last time, ha!
IF I COULD CHANGE...The stock market to go back UP!!!
QUOTING...I have fallen three times and gotten back up 4! (I have just now gotten over the last fall.)
SPIRITUAL THOUGHT...curiosity of how scientists can explain away God from this universe's creation. Big Bang: everything existing now was once compacted into a super condensed mass of 2 tablespoons. Their own thermal dynamic law says within it that "something can't come from nothing." Yet, they want to say it was "always there." I would think their level of intelligence would see it to be more "probable" to believe in an Eternal God than an eternal blob.
AROUND THE ROOM...Sam, my lab mix and what he did!! He got a hold of a blue ink pen and chewed it up. Now there is this vast stain mass of blue on my living room carpet right at the entrance into the house!
MISSING...everything I put my hands on!! I am constantly putting things down and not realizing I have! THen have to look for them. get out the ink stain!
GUILTY PLEASURES...Chocolate covered malted milk balls. Mmmmm.
FAVORITE THINGS...photographs.
MOVIE...Any wildlife movie with birds and their antics.
WEEKLY get the kids shoe box habitats finished.

I love the picture of Jim's mom. She looks just wonderful! My mom would have been 82.
Blessings to you and yours,

Marie said...

My goodness Jim's mom looks young!! WOW!! What's her secret! Loved this as always Bonnie. Oh, I have not heard of that series of books either. I will have to look them up! Perhaps I could get them through the library. THey once ordered in the Work and the Glory Series for us! Have a beautiful Tuesday! xxoo

Caroline Craven said...

Jim's mom looks amazing. She looks so cute and energetic in that yellow sweater. I love yellow - it is the happiest color I know. Nicki sent me a little bunch of yellow lilies for Mother's Day with a couple of maroon lilies tucked in with it. It was a gorgeous bouquet. I hope I look that good au natural when I"m 84. Tell her she is impressive and to wear yellow a lot. It looks good on her.