Friday, May 28, 2010

Zachary is Six!

Happy Birthday Zacharooney!

Zach on the first day of school!
(Nice hair, Dude!)

Zachary started and is almost done with kindergarten this year. He really enjoys school and did very well. He is a smart guy and he loves the computer. They have a Wii and he really gets into jumping all around and playing that with his family. He is very coordinated. Zach is our little grandson that just calls to say Hello! We love that about him!

He started to lose some teeth this year. I like this photo!

I decided to do an interview with Zach for his birthday post. We use to do this with our own kids all the time and they have enjoyed going back and reading them over the years. So here is my phone interview with Zach~

What do you want for your birthday? A watch!

What is your favorite color? Blue, always.

What is your favorite video? Land Before Time Walnut Migration (?)

Favorite Song? Old Mother Witch

Favorite Book? The Berenstein Bears ~Too Much Junk Food

Favorite Food? Rice with good flavoring.

Favorite Dessert? Cake with chocolate frosting.

Favorite Friend? It was a girl but she went on a long vacation so…Josh.

Favorite thing to do with Mom? Help her out.

Favorite thing to do with Dad? Read with him and play.

Favorite thing to do with Connor? Read The Diary of the Wimpy Kid. He reads it to me and we are almost done. It has over 200 pages.

Favorite thing to do with Aynslee? Umm, I am not sure yet…(prompt) Oh, yeah…Puppet Shows.

Favorite thing to do with Owen? Mostly playing on the computer.

Favorite place to visit? Oklahoma but I cannot remember it.

Favorite thing about Kindergarten? The very end of school (when the teacher says good-bye), not the walking home, I DO NOT like that.

Favorite video game? Most Fun Games on the Planet because it does have the most fun games!

Are you excited that summer is almost here? Yes!

Where are you going this summer? Oklahoma to see my Grandma and Grandpa George.

Who is the President? President Monson. Oh, you mean the other President.."Brock" Obama then.

Zach learned a lot of fun songs while in kindergarten. The one below is just so sweet and I love it so thought I'd include it. Bless Missy's heart for capturing it on video while holding Owen in one arm and the camera in her other hand. A treasure for sure.

Here is Zach on the right with his Daddy,
big brother Connor and little brother Owen!

His big sister, Anyslee, is in the store with Mommy.

Here a chocolate cake with seven candles. 6 for being six years old and one to grow on, Zach! Grampa and I are sending you lots of love and hugs for your birthday along with your birthday bucks. Hope Mom got you something cool with them! Have a great new year!


BECKY said...

Good Morning Bon! This little guy of yours is just precious!! Every time I say a little cutie like him I just want to scoop them up and take them home and make them milk and cookies! We have four daughters, and even though I have 4brothers, I still wonder what it would have been like to raise a boy.

I hope his birthday is a blast, and just love that interview you did with him!! What a cute idea!

I might have to do one with Emily before she moves to Nashville on Wednesday. I still can't believe they are going. I hope they are hearing from God on this, otherwise it could be a truly difficult thing for them to go through.

Have a wonderful weekend, Bon. You are a true joy to me. I can't wait to be back to normal and blogging and visiting more.

Love you,

Caroline Craven said...

My computer was sick with a virus and so it's been at the "doctors". Finally got it back. I love Zack's song and his interview made me laugh in a couple of places. I hope he gets back to Oklahoma soon so he can remember it! I loved all the posts - they were bright and cheery. I love the rug and have to ask where you got it. It really completes the room and gives it such a nice, finished look.I need a new rug for our dining room, but I need one that is about an 8x11 oblong - not easy to find. Any suggestions?

Marie said...

What a little sweetie pie! I loved this post Bonnie! Happy Birthday to Zac!! xxoo

Marie said...
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Sister Susie said...

What a little superman! Great with answers and knowledgable for his age! I like the Brock answer, ha!
Hope you are feeling better.
Blessings to you and yours,