Saturday, May 29, 2010

Buon Compleanno, Robert!

It has been a very good year! Happy Birthday, Robert! We are so thrilled about your next assignment! We enjoyed our stay with you in Italy so much! It is bittersweet to see you leave. You have made world travelers out of us all. One of the best things about traveling with you aside from putting up with us, is that you teach us, Robert. And we love how you are always teaching the boys too. Here are a couple of photos that do remind me of this very thing. Celebrate your special day~Eat Cake! Thinking of you and wish we could join you!

A school day for Spencer
~one on one with Dad!
What a wonderful
enriching experience for him!

I cannot think of a single classroom
experience that could be better.

Teaching Ross how to enjoy the culture!
Discretely and with kindness!

( Spencer cannot eat gelato)
Although you did leave

the evidence on his face!

P.E. Pointers for Spencer on the ice rink

Enjoying family fun and sharing
the joys of your cruise ship!

Here is something that a dear friend sent me that I think will brightened your birthday! We love you, Robert, and thank you for being the outstanding son, husband and father you have become!

You just keep getting better and we thought you were perfect from the start!


Caroline Craven said...

That was a sweet birthday blog. The picture of the man hugging his children good-bye in the video was a heart-breaker.

Sister Susie said...

Your video reminded me when I was a child, of the many times we went to meet dad as he came back from duty on the aircraft carriers in the Med. When he was stationed in the states, we would go to the base on Memorial Day and visit the display of jets and other military displays in memory of those who did not return.
One Day we will witness the Joyous Return of our LORD and Savior. I pray many of these who gave their lives for their country will be in that multitude returning with Him!
Blessings to you and yours,