Friday, May 14, 2010

Come Walk With Me...

I hanging baskets of flowers from beautiful lamp posts!

I have been making an effort to get out walking everyday for 45 minutes to an hour. I struggle with this for a few reasons. One is a knee that doesn't like pain, another is I am not the gym type or a person who loves to run the track or jump on the treadmill. I don't like sweat much either. I don't mind working hard, I just don't like the sweat. I don't wear spandex...I could go on and on. I know myself pretty well. I get bored easily with the same old routines. But I still want to get some exercise for good health and fitness.

So this past week or so I have been trying to come up with five different walks that I really enjoy. Some of the more remote places I would love to walk will wait for when Jim can go with me in just a few weeks. Yesterday I did a long rather taxing walk and so today I knew I had to rest my knee a little so this is where I went. My goal was a lot of steps but not to kill myself. Don't they always say start out slow (again) and work into it?

I am a totally visual person so I wanted to go someplace where I could see some beauty all around me.

Come walk with me...we're in Walnut Creek.

This is the prettiest little town and the
flowers are gorgeous and abundant.

There is no evidence of the recession
in this town whatsoever.

It is like a little trip to an adult

where all is well for everyone.

No body is sick, out of work, sad or suffering.
Everyone is smiling.

No one is lonely or hungry.

No one is rushing~just enjoying themselves.
You can pretend you are not exercising,
just out and about soaking up the sun.

You can even take a detour and stroll quickly
(is that an oxymoron?) through here,
just like the joggers running in place
at the street crossings...
you just have to keep moving.

This is truly not shopping because you cannot
buy anything you are just looking and moving...

And day dreaming at a fast clip!

And picnicking in your mind...

And planning a fun BBQ.

And before you know it your hour has
and you have had a lovely time
in a lovely fantasy place
everyone is rich and beautiful and happy
without a care in the world.

And you realize that even if you are none of those things, that the things that were the most exciting were the beautiful art work of the Lord, his luscious little flowers in every color of the rainbow, the gleaming sunshine, the beautiful fresh air and the bright blue sky. You feel invigorated, refreshed and you can hurry home and check off the box that says 'exercised today!'

And you are thankful for the body you have been given that allows you to move and enjoy this beautiful earth in your own unique way. And that you have taken time to help it be more healthy and powerful just for today. Tomorrow you will be up and at it again. Baby steps one day at a can do it!

That's what works for me anyway.
Thanks for coming with me.


Caroline Craven said...

I love walking too and just enjoying the sunshine, as we see so little of it here. I recognize that store and bought some very cute mini martini glasses on line from said store. They are so cute and I made some homemade sorbet and served it in those little glasses. They are the cutest and so multi-FUNctional.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hey Girlie, I am ready to go.
What a lovely place to walk. sometimes we walk in the mall and I go thru stores like you do. Isn't that fun and inexpensive!!lol
There is also a shopping center here on the other side of town closer to Becky really that we like to walk at too, and it also has our favorite smoothie shop!! So we like to go there and walk at night cause it is very well lite and then go get a smoothie, sure works for me!! lol
That lil town is just lovely and such a beautiful envirionment to walk in - it does remind me of Disney world. It will be more fun
when Jim can start making the trek with you, and it also helps keep you both going, cause when one doesn't want to the other one can go NO, we have to go, get up,
lets go!! lol

We have been out working in the yard and took a big Oak bush that was taking over the yard and turned it into a skinny trunked tree. It is actually like it was
before the hurricanes years back,
accept it has 2 trunks. The trees
falling in our yard from the hurricane/tornado years back during Hurricane Charlie, completely smashed it and they completely cut it down, but it grew back from the stump. amazing!!
Hubby is in a good mood today,
took some pics of him on his john
deere as he was hauling some stuff.
How to make a man happy - put him
on a John Deere Tractor, he is a happy camper!!
Have a good one.
Love ya, Nellie
Well, gotta run get my hair washed

laura.elizabeth said...

I love WC and miss it so much. It is SOOOO beautiful and well kept- I am totally amazed. I love your thoughts on walking and window shopping and day dreaming. I wish I could have been with you! You are doing well- keep up the good work!

LA Adams said...

Baby steps - I can do that - what a nice place to walk and fill your soul with beauty!

Julie Harward said... sure found the secret! I get bored easy so everyday I go a different route and it's never boring! Your walk has such's worth the sweat! LOL :D

BECKY said...

Hi Bon! That little town is just flower heaven isn't it??? I could definitely love a stroll through there!! Especially with you at my side sharing what has been filling our hearts and our days!! What fun that would be!!

I am trying to get hubby to walk, but he isn't there yet, so I am doing exercises inside and catching about 20 min of sun a day!

Have a lovely weekend, sweet friend! Thanks for bringing us along today!
Love you,

Marie said...

What a beautiful walk Bonnie! Thanks ever so much for tkaing us with you!! I am a great lover of outdoor walks as you know! xxoo