Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jim and Bon In Real Life


Julie Harward said...

Ha Ha Ha....that is so cute and so funny! I can relate to it too and thats a bit sad! LOL :D

Sister Susie said...

Oh sooo true!! I find myself more in those situations as I reach the end of this school year, ha!

Just yesterday, as the kids and I came in the door from special area, my mind was already racing for the next activity. Unawaringly I told them to put their folders in the sink! Of course an ourburst of laughter came with, "IN THE SINK!!" I meant for the last group to go get a drink at the sink while the others were to put their folders in their backpacks! LOL!!!

Hugs, Susie

Sister Susie said...

Also, Bonnie, would you pray for Diane? (A friend of my blogger friend, Janet.) If you have time, you can check out her website:


Caroline Craven said...

Funny, funny, funny. What isn't funny is that Kent and I are there. When we moved into the Concord II Ward we were one of the young couples (Nicki was 1). When we moved back to Providence we were most definitely one of the middle aged couples. It took me a long time to adjust to that b/c I still felt pretty young. I kept trying to make friends with couples who have all their kids in grade school or younger and it just wasn't working out. I finally figured it out. They were probably wondering why this middle aged woman was trying to hang out with much younger women. Most of the women my age were either empty nesters or their youngest child was Nicki's age. The harsh reality came crashing down and it wasn't very pretty!

LA Adams said...

Ahh isn't life grand! My neighbor told me about and incident in her life where she saw a good looking boy running up the street and thought how she would love to have a boy just like that -- and of course he was her son. It's nice when reality is what we've always wanted!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon,
That was too cute!! A few years back I was saying to someone about how the scriptures talk about the older women teaching the young women how to love their husbands and their wifes, and all the sudden I had the realization that I am now that older
woman!! A Freaky realization at first!! lol
Oh well, just think of all we have gained in wisdom!! lol
Love ya girlie, Nellie