Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Gramma ~ by Julia

This love letter from Julia was originally posted 10/25/08. I definitely get the sparkly part but the cold drinks remain a mystery! Not that I do not like cold drinks but it is funny that she points that in a little after thought bubble? I love this little girl with all my heart!

Double Clicking makes it easier to read

Scootin' Around the Canyon

Here is my little Jewel just before a race
at school the other day!

She appears to be the only one
paying any kind of attention.

She is #2 from the left.
Gotta love kids!
s and Smiley Faces
Only 9 more days of school and they
will all
have another year under their belts.


Julie Harward said...

She is very sweet and I love her name..same as mine! I can't wait til school is out..then we can play! :D

Marie said...

How adorable Bonnie!! I can see quite a resemblence there! She is definitely her grandmother's grand-daughter!!! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

I love the geometric drawing on your love note! When I was in elementary, I always liked to draw geometric designs.

I have a question. (I should go to your other blog that shares that info. I'm still new at blogging.)
If there is a question comment on my blog, do I answer it on my blog, or do I go to the blog of the one asking the question and answer it there?

Have a great rest of your Sunday too!
Blessings and hugs to you and yours, Susie

Bonnie said...

Hi Susie!

Your question is a good one. I think the best way to do it is to go to the person's last post and do a comment as I think people rarely go back to another person's post once they have commented on it.

Sometimes if it is question others could benefit from it is nice to do it in both places. Once you have written the answer it is pretty easy to just copy it and paste it into the other place.

LA Adams said...

This looks like Utah, does Jen live in the Orem area? Or maybe further north where the mountains come closer like farmington or Ogden.

BECKY said...

Hi Bon Bon!! She sure is a cutie, and I know you are just the best Grandma!!

Did I tell you that my oldest is moving to Tennessee with our only grandy, Emily? In just 2-3 short weeks?? None of the girls have ever lived more than 30 minutes away. This will be an adjustment for sure! Her hubby wants to get into music production up there. It sure is going to be strange without them 3 minutes down the road. Oh well...such is life!

Have a glorious week!
Love you bunches,

Caroline Craven said...

The bubble was totally random and funny. Loved it, as I loved her on her toes ready for the race. What a cute picture!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
what a precious lil note that is, how adorable. And a Sparkly Gramma,
I love that!! See you shine girl!!
that's proof positive your grandaughter even sees it!!
She is such a cutie pie! Amazing how the time goes, another school year down almost. We used to have a big celebration at the end of school, cause we sooooo enjoyed our summers together. I always hated sending my kids back to school, yet I missed being on a shedule, so that was always good
to get back on track.
Have a great day, and thanks for those prayers. We are suppose to go clean out Jim's cubicle today,
so I am sure it might not be an easy day for him. We have gift certificates to the movies Dee got us for Christmas, so we are going to see "Letters from God" afterwards, hopefully that will help cheer him up again!! lol
He really is doing very well at this point.
Our Dee is just cracking us up, cause almost daily she is sending him some contact person for a job.
She is hysterical, but we just love it!!
Have a great day,
love ya, Nellie
P.S. I took Becky a card and a bouquet of flowers after church yesterday as a surprise and am gonna make her lunch maybe tomorrow or Thursday, so we can hang out and talk. Whenever she can do it!!