Friday, May 21, 2010

The Path of Our Journey

Blue Bonnets of Texas

I just love this picture taken by my friend, Deanna. It just reminds me of life's journey.

To me it just symbolizes how the road is long and the end is out of sight. It has its bumps and curves and heights to scale. There are places we would like to pass but it is forbidden.

At any point along the way, the place where we are on the road is the biggest and most visible while the road behind and ahead are less distinguishable. This is a blessing if we don't dwell on the bumps we have endured or worry excessively about the ones coming up. Staying in the present, with God's help, we can handle them.

As we go along if we look around and beyond the confines of the road we can see immeasurable beauty surrounds us even at the curves, bumps, hills and things that cannot be passed around, but must be gone through to stay the course to the horizon and beyond.

I like this picture so much I wouldn't mind having it painted and hanging on our wall. It would remind me that life is a journey~not a destination. Any of you talented artists out there want to paint it for me?


Marie said...

Love what you have written here today Bonnie. That painting is indeed a wonderful metaphor for life. Want me to give it a go? I would love to try.

Caroline Craven said...

Your comments remind me of when I was on my mission. When I would think of the time I had already spent in Ecuador it seemed like it just flew by, but then when I would think about the same amount of time I had left, it would seem like forever. I think life is like that - we can't believe how fast the past has gone by us, but as we look ahead it seems like 40, 50, 60 & 70 (depending on where you are along the road) are so far in the future. When our mortal lives end, it will all seem like such a blur to us and I'm sure many of us will wonder why we didn't make better use of our time and worry much less about some things that seem so monumental to us in this life (like death). When I came home from my mission I would look back and wonder if Heavenly Father was pleased with my service or if I just spent a lot of my time wishing the time would fly by so I could get back to "living my life". I think there are a lot of parallels between the mission life and life in general. This blog reminded me of these things that I haven't thought about in a while.

Shaun at Oak Den said...

Beautiful picture. Beautiful thoughts! Have a great weekend!

Dorothy said...

You see why I love reading your blog? I look at the picture and say this reminds me of when we lived in Texas. However, you look at the picture and you begin waxing forth about life's journey!! Thanks for that.

That is a great picture of you and Jim on the sidebar!!

Julie Harward said...

That is all so true! And I love this doesn't hardly look real, it's so pretty! Maybe the chance at life looked like just this wonderful to us then. :D

LA Adams said...

Jeffrey and I had two kids in Texas while he was working on his MBA and my oldest now lives in Dallas. The fields of blue bonnets are incredible and stay with you a long time! :Your comments on how a road is like a journey is apt. Thanks