Sunday, May 2, 2010

Old Folks This And That!

This tree has stood in our yard longer than
we have lived here.
This is the first time we
ever noticed it blossoming.
It is very tall~but still....

We had a potpourri weekend. Nothing major just a lot of little things added up to a slice of life for us here in CA.

We got to start one day early if you count having a tooth extracted as a fun part of the weekend. Thursday night we finished watching Little Doritt, the Masterpiece Theatre series that we watched for the last month on our date nights. We are both Dickens fans and thoroughly enjoyed it. Popcorn was of course dinner, as it was not going to be possible on Friday.

I think we may have had our first old, retired people experience. A few weeks ago I had a crown prep done and of course the temporary crown came off. Do they ever stay on the full time? I called the dentist on Thursday and he said to come in the next day at the same time as Jim was having his extraction. The two offices are located just across the fence from each other. So two oldsters, each in their respective dental chairs at the same time. (First old, retired people thingy.)

Jim is having an implant done eventually and this extraction was the first step. Of course he had it done at the office where I use to work. I was thinking I'd go in with him... (second old, people thingy)...we have never been to the dentist together in our lives. I could chat with my former co-workers whom I had only seen once, briefly since I left 6 years ago. Before we were ready the surgeon's office called requesting Jim to come in earlier due to a cancellation. Since I was not ready we took separate cars. I was just to drop in to get my crown re-cemented which I figured should take no more than 15 minutes.

So I decide to go there first for the glue and then just be there when Jim came out of surgery in the other office. It is always a little nerve wracking getting a tooth pulled, so I wanted to be the good wifey and be there to support him. However, I forgot (third old, retired people thingy) how very SLOW the dental office is and it took forever... to re-cement my temp.

So Jim landed up waiting for me in the waiting room and I never did get to see my friends. Hmmm! Shadows of things to come? I am certainly hoping not! We could have rounded it out with a trip to the bank (fourth old, retired people thingy) but well, we had gauze and cotton rolls hanging out of our mouths and we do online banking anyway. So we bought two ice cream cones and scurried home instead, senior citizen style. (Fifth old, retired people thingy!)

Then we babied ourselves (him mostly) and took a long nap and just kind of hung out at home the whole next day! (Sixth really old, retired people thingy!) That is the end of the not so short boring part of the weekend.

OK, wake up is a better part. Saturday. It was a get up, get out and go garage saling day in our town. I kid you not I saw about 45 yard sales just in the immediate neighborhoods. It was a gorgeous day and everyone was out. It was like people flung open the doors and said...enough of this winter! It is time to be outside no matter what. Everyone was perky and wearing flip flops. That is so CA. One minute of nice weather and everyone breaks out their shorts and the rest of it. Except us...oh no, could that be (seventh in the really old, retired people saga?) This has got to stop right now.

You cannot be that old if you are still feathering your nest, right? The day I stop being interested in that I will know it is almost over. So the garage sales were phenomenal. But I used a lot of restraint and only bought one thing at the sales, then one little thing at a thrift store and something at a discount store to be revealed in a moment.

The two pots and the plant stands were my big finds.
This is the path way right outside the new bathroom
window and I wanted to have some white flowers there.
So the large pot on the left I got for $5 and the
pot on the right I found in the yard!
(Not even knowing what you have could be another sign
but I am letting this one pass.)

The plant stands I got at Tuesday Morning for $9.99 each!
They are heavy and look Italian
and are the perfect way to lift these plants
so you can see them from the bathroom.
They were the last two left so were marked way down.

This pot is the one I bought and it is
really pretty with lots of variegation
in the colors of the clay.

This little girl has been in the backyard for a long time
along this pathway but has mostly gone unnoticed
until now since we have the big windows to look out on her.
Jim moved her so you can see her from the bathroom now
and adjusted the outdoor lighting to light this path nicely at night.

This is what you see now out the windows~
Love it! It is very tranquil!
New Bathroom Remodel

This is our little white birdhouse
that hangs over the pond area.

Just cleaned that up a little
It has a little sign on it that says
Sunday Meeting House!

I discovered this huge palm in our backyard today.
It is probably 15 feet tall!
It was news to Jim too!
(Eighth old, retired people thingy!)

This is a cheese slicer I found for one $
at the thrift store.
It is really a nice one and
the handle looks like 3 ivory pears.

Well, that is it for the treasure hunting over the weekend. We are slowly trying to get our yard in shape for the party here in 6 weeks for Jim co-workers to celebrate his retirement. I just love it when we have a deadline! His last day of actual work is June 29th but the party is on the 19th. We are finding a lot of what we need to embellish the garden right here at home. Another definite sign that some old, forgetful, almost retired people do indeed live here! Really?

La Dolce Vita... yep, that is what it is!


Marie said...

Bonnie, you and Jim have such a beautiful home. You are both enjoying your retirement and that is how it should be! Todd often says that he doesn't know how ever got everything done when he worked full time because he has a heck of a time getting everything doen now that he is retired! I think you end up filling your days with different things, and you are just as busy, if not busier!! Love you loads! xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bon Bon,
Just love what you are doing in your yard. The pedestals and pots look lovely and once those impatiens grow in they are gonna look dynamite!!
Like the lil girl back in woods too.
We have a lil path like that and I was telling Jimmy a bench would look nice back in there. Our existing one is getting old and we may not be able to sit on it much longer so if we get a new one I might just put the old one back there in the woods or a statue like you have. We don't have any
lights back there tho.
Your day was so funny with all your old retired person things. lol You are so funny!!
That is nice you are having a retirement party for Jim, I am sure he will enjoy that very much.
What an exciting time for you two!!
You guys will want to spend all your time in your new bathroom and peering out it's windows!! lol
We went out shopping on Saturday and we had so much fun. I finally finally found something neat for the countertops in the bathroom.
They had a bit of whimsy to the room. I had seen them before at homegoods but they didn't have the right pcs. I need, so I left them, but they were the perfect colors I needed and have Butterflys and dragonflys on them. Anyway, when we went back they were all on clearance, so we bought every pc. and figured maybe we can make something work. We also went to Target and they actually had something in the green I was looking for so we bought those too, and guess what??? we wound up mixing and matching them, and it looks great. It also had a ceramic trash can but I am gonna use it as a vase for the vanity top between the mirrors. Just gotta figure out what sort of contemporary arrangement to put in it. We are getting closer to finishing all the time, and I can't wait.....I am very excited about it!
You have a marvelous day my dear!!
Love ya, Nellie
Thanks for your sweet encouraging comments on Thursdays post, I feel the same about you. It is always a big highlight of my day when you leave comments. thanks sweet friend.

LA Adams said...

I love listening to you - I'm still laughing - you have such a great way with words! Ok now I have to come see your path and backyard - it looks spectacular.

Sister Susie said...

Oh, tell me about temporary crowns. I had one fall out one time and it was awful! I didn't realize the hole that was in my mouth. My tongue couldn't stay away from it! Thank goodness it happened in the time of the day I could go by the dentist's office to have him fix it. (Of course, I had been eating some caramel candy!) He laughed at me and said, "Why didn't you chew on the other side!" I told him I was left jawed, ha! What a nice entrance to your trail! I really like your stands for your pots. I use to have back woods. But, since the hurricanes a few years ago, I had the property cleared to keep trees from falling on the house. I lost the woods, but I gained open space for the sand hill cranes to fly in. They come in family groups in the spring and summer. I have had as many as 10 (mom and dad and a clutch of 8 chicks!) The babies are gorgeous! They will come right up to me. I guess it is a returning pair that knows I will feed them.
Enjoy your back yard.
Blessings to you and yours,

bj said...

Ummm...everything looks fabulous..
I'm like you...when I quit having fun decorating my house or playing in my yard, I'll be 6 ft. under...:)
xo bj

bj said...

Ummm...everything looks fabulous..
I'm like you...when I quit having fun decorating my house or playing in my yard, I'll be 6 ft. under...:)
xo bj