Saturday, May 22, 2010

After the Diner...

Just kidding... we didn't really go to breakfast at the diner and see ourselves in the mirror as you might have thought from the previous post...but I wish we could have!
Today was filled with the bigger projects that you just cannot get done during the work week. Jim cleaned all the winter goop out of our pond and got the water fall up and running. Then he started to put up our outside patio lights.

Gotta love your man when
he is outside making things fancy!

That is always quite the project but once done, we love it. While he did that I did the house work, grocery shopped and made dinner for a family with a new baby and packed a few in the freezer for another day for us. Now Jim is off to church for a dinner and program for the Young Men. I am going to get in my jammies and enjoy a movie. There have been so many fun comments about the post I did on Mamma Mia the other day..I am half tempted to watch it again. But twice in one week, maybe not.

It was beautiful today but cold! And all day long Jim was opening the doors and windows and I was following behind him closing them. Let's just say the house got aired out. Now I am lighting the fire and getting under a blankey. Hope your weekend is going great.

P.S. When Jim gets home he has invited me on a date to go outside and adjust lights with him. Hmmm, I think he is overusing the word "date," don't you? And just to make sure I was on board, he told me he was verrry excited about it. He is just too sexy for his shirt funny! I'm not buying in, but I will go help him adjust the lights after the movie! Burr, I am cold all over again.

Just wanted you to hear the waterfall. Peaceful!

The Date!
{I love how Jim caught the Blue Hour in the
upper left corners of the photos.
The black part is the the trees.}

A portion of the family room from the path
coming down from the man shed.
We strolled around and enjoyed the lighting
he had been working on
it was lovely really~a great date after all.
Oh me of little faith!


Julie Harward said...

A good sounds kind of like ours. I love the lights...I should put them on my deck! Love your pond too! Come say hi :D

Anonymous said...

I especially like that last photo.

What a beautiful garden you have - and your very own waterfall! :O

laura.elizabeth said...

Awesome post Mom. I can see the yard in my minds eye and smell the smell of the ivy and dirty and feel the cool California evening breeze. Whaaa- I want to come home!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Happy Sunday Bon Bon,
Your pond and fountain looks and sounds divine, and bet it really looks nice out there with the lights up, what a great party setting this is gonna be!!
That is cute that he was taking you
on a date out back to see the lights, how cute, and I bet it was a romantic date with that romantic lighting an all. Loved peeking in your family room window, I was looking for you, where were you by the way???
That diner cartoon cracks me up everytime I think of it!! I have
seen older couples than us, believe it or not!! and maybe they are shuffling along holding hands or arm and arm and I will say look that will probably be us
one day!! Guess if I look in the mirror I might think it has arrived already!! No looking in mirrors for me!! lol
Have a great week sweetie,
Love ya, Nellie